Dust 514 Player names

Any plans to wipe these from the database and make them available to eve players again?

I think the names should be wiped out because the number of dust players from the ps3 or whatever who will follow to the next FPS is going to be very minimal, like next to no one.

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They are likely keeping them so that they can transfer account assets etc to the new game “project nova” when it is released. They likely have all the account data associated with the names.

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I hope not, i’d like to keep my Dust name in Project Nova.
(I believe this was also promised by CCP Rattati)
And why do you want the names erased?
There’s plenty names to choose from with some imagination.


For the same reason they don’t purge inactive names, they are part of the universe now, also fix the lack of capital letters in your name its rather annoying :stuck_out_tongue:
You can do this via a petition so a GM can fix it for you


Dust was never part of EVE. Not in any way that ever mattered. They just clogged up chat channels adding nothing to the game. I’m glad they are gone, and I wouldn’t feel even a little bit bad if they lost their names, and even their assets.

I support OP on the grounds of how stupid Dust was, and on the grounds of my lack of faith in CCP to get Nova right.

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Were part.
They no longer are.

As “were” players who left or passed away, their characters still remain :stuck_out_tongue:

And just because they are not “currently” part of EVE that doesn’t mean they won’t get reused in future and nobody wants to lose a name they previously owned just because there was a reset and some 12 year old beat them to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I get that, for eve players but dust isn’t eve.
Now don’t get me wrong here,
I came to eve from dust and It was the bridge I leapt from into the rabbit hole of pc gaming so dust has a very special place in my shriveled and calloused heart.
It was never eve,
Hell it was never good either,
And its gone.
whatever comes after will be something else and I’m certain any continuity promised will prove to be mob pandering.

I never said dust was good, but it was based in new eden which means it was part of the EVE universe, the same as valkyrie and gunjack, the only difference is that characters in dust actually existed on the TQ cluster because they had to for planetary strikes to work, so i would expect the characters to be treated the same as any inactive capsuleer

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lol, that’s kinda the crux here. CCP’s gonna do what CCP’s gonna do. Which means they probably aren’t gonna clean up the name space. They’ve only cleaned the name space once in the entire existence of EVE. Inaction is the reasonable expectation based on past performance. Should they clean up the name space? Absolutely. And the Dust crap is a prime candidate for clean up. Will they? Don’t expect it.

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Which is what i would expect, there is no need to clean up the names, they haven’t had to do it to anything other than trial accounts in the last 15 years, why would you expect them to now delete names that they plan on using again?

Why exactly?

Does microsoft purge unused hotmail email addresses? does yahoo? does google? does blizzard delete character names of players who have stopped playing and never intend to play again?

i don’t see any kind of valid reason as to “why” you want these names cleared up other than i suspect you seem to want to reuse one of the names, i don’t exactly see how these names existing causes any actual real issues so i’m not seeing a “need” for them to be cleaned up


You’re thinking about this the wrong way.
Instead of posing who they’d do a favour for consider this.

Cleaning up redundant, vestigial crap
Holding a promise to retain and carry over legacy characters.

Which of the two would you expect CCP not to follow through on.


I for one hope they stay, because I also enjoy knowing that my characters are “around”. And I would like to think they were a part of the EVE universe.

But I also understand the wish to free up names again, but I hope it doesn’t happen.



Why would they hold so long for them and develop new game to then just remove the kept character names in last minut, after nobody even moving a finger in that case for so long. Forget it. Character names will stay reserved.

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I’d prefer they keep the name space separate because I’m attached to my own name, the one on my main anyway. If I were to jump into Nova, I’d prefer to use my same name there, even if it were technically a separate character, even if the games were tied together.

I actually don’t care about the names for my own sake. I’ve never had to compete to get my desired name on any platform. I mostly just think Dust was stupid and wish the lie of it ever being tied to EVE was eradicated. It never provided value and now its memory is still staining the actual game. edit: and I’ve got nothing going on today, so I might as well pretend I care about the topic way more than I actually do.

These names are being retained so that DUST 514 players can re-claim them if they want to when Project Nova launches.



They released some names a few years ago, I forget the reasoning or criteria but they were old unused names.

Couple of things… Dust did impact eve. It was possible to speed up capturing FW system if you had a strong dust bunny army. They help Cal gain the first full region control I believe. So you may not like the interaction but they did impact the war.

Also, there were some join intellectual property agreements with Sony during Dust. The devs hinted that part of the reason there would be no porting of characters to any dust successor was because of this shared IP.

Good to hear, cheers for the input falcon.
Don’t take my negative tone personally, I’m just a general grumpy feck these days.