Deletion of characters by CCP

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I would like to create a character with a simple name, but it feels like all names are taken and some are over 9-15 years old. As a result, many players are forced to generate strange names.
Is it planned that CCP will delete inactive characters at some point?



Because they are too simple minded to come up with one of the tens of thousands of names not based on comic books, Marvel films, or the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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I never had any issues finding good names for my characters. I don’t see old characters holding certain names as a problem because there are uncountable ways to name your character.


Obviously, no.

CCP is still counting on the fact that all those 10 or 15 year old accounts will nevertheless come back into the game, as they will once again receive on their e-mails a smashing offer of 80 million SP to use right away, which they would have collected if, you know, they had played EVE Online, being Omega, all the time throughout their years of absence. Now at a promotional price of €899.

Right, CCP?


It’s really not that hard. The good ones aren’t all taken.

I just made ‘Malcolm PLEX’ like last year.


They have stated many times in the past that they will never delete and account.

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They did delete names in unused accts a while back. 2011, I think. But they left the accts.

You could still go back today and activate them but you’d have the placeholder names on your old characters. I had a lot of them that I restarted when EVE went F2P and CCP allowed me to rename all the characters from “faction citizen xxx” to their former name if not reused or a new one of my choice.

But I doubt CCP has anyone with the skill to code that now without totally breaking the game.

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It’s no surprise people have already claimed simple descriptive words like ‘Trader’, or ‘Fighter’.

Why not try a name that looks like a name though?


There’s still thousands of potential names for the inventive.

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When I came up with “Skylar Cloud” I had no issue. I simply used a name I thought was very lofty and tropospheric then I added Cloud as the last name. I dislike the fact, most games don’t allow duplicated names. Some games allow duplicate names where you can have a lot of John Smith’s just as we do in the real world. To make the name database friendly they add a hash number which remains invisible unless you are mailing them. Example; All the players see you as “John Smith” but when they send you game mail, it reads John Smith#2837. The implementation of such a simple change could lead to massive updates that could crash the system. At this point, I would not be for such a move.

Finding names is easy you know.

Name Generator

This is a great name generator AND it has Eve online names for each faction. Ive used this on a few occasions to gather ideas.


Old players come back from time to time, they would never delete old chars.

If I were to come back to a game and see that my name has been removed and has been taken by someone else, I would quit again.

It’s a good way to make sure that people will not come back. That may not be the best way to deal with returning potential customers.


CCP does not delete old characters they just rename you to Gallentie Citizen 2302435820 Caldari Citizen 2342050 and so on to free up names if you are really really inactive.

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Do they allow you to rename those characters or are those names permanent?

Another solution I came up with, back in my WoW dayz, I told Blizzard support they should archive old accounts to save space and free up names. Then should a player return after years of being absent, they could send an unpaid intern down to the dungeon to retrieve the disk and reactivate the account. I was told at the time storage on a data CD would cost more money than it would be to keep the account on the server. I wonder, if it is still true now tech has advanced several decades?

If you think making up new names is hard on this game, back then 2 to 12 characters, no spaces, numbers, or symbols. Players had to be very creative in those days. With millions playing it was near next to impossible to come up with a good name.

Oh yah you can just open a ticket. Tell them what name you want and be about your day.

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Not really. If it was renamed from an offensive name, they will not allow it to be renamed

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Just gotta put a little thought into the name, maybe even change a letter or add a number into it. Say for instance you wanted to name your character John Doe, change it to J0hn D0e or something similar.

Or you could change the spelling so that the name is still pronounced the same way. For instance I wanted to name one of my characters ‘Carnage Incarnate’ so I spelled it ‘Karnage Inkarnate’.

Or just have the name be more descriptive, I wanted a character for Minmatar Faction War so I named him ‘DeMatar Clan’.

Anyway, when I first started playing Eve back in 2008, characters were only allowed a first and last name. Characters have been allowed to have a first, middle and last name for quite a while now so it shouldn’t be a problem thinking up a good name…


Indeed. Taking your John Doe example:

Big John Doe
Long John Doe
Wee John Doe
Smiling John Doe
Jumping John Doe

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I have my alt Lusty Lucy Cybaritic on my account. Since Lusty Lucy already was taken I came up with the name from the word sybaritic meaning; devoted to pleasure, voluptuous, or hedonistic. I should have made up Ore Gas Mick Jones, but I thought it was just too much. Frankly, I am surprised they allow names like Epeen on here, but I am not easily offended. On another game I bumped into a Bus Stop Willy but they made him change it. I thought it was a vague descriptor and very petty of the mods .It sure didn’t use any “bad words”. I have seen Peter John Fudpucker but not here on Eve. As @Mr_Epeen said, too simple minded to think outside of movies and comic book refferences. However I can’t call people out on it, since my name happens to be John Rochard.

Fly safe miners o7