CCP should add a character rename certifacate

They have re sculpt certificates to change the look for our characters. Why cant we change the name? What if you buy a character and you dont like the name? What if you want to give all your characters the same last name, or make them similar so people know its yours?

I think its a good idea, what do you think?


They’ve always been firmly against the ability to change names. In a game where scamming, betrayal and backstabbing is permitted, I’ve got to say that I support that. Your reputation is tied to your name, so the name should not be changeable.

If you really want to change the name, you can do that to some degree by skill extractors and skill injectors, as long as you are willing to pay a shitload of PLEX and take a hit on the SP total.


wrong forum, the one you are looking for is player features and ideas.

also this has been suggested many MANY times. and its always been shot down on the grounds of reputation following you. if you want a new name, you can sell your old character and buy a new one. or use skill extractors/injectors to create a new one.

This topic has been done to death in one for or another.

It comes down to the fact that decisions have consequences and one of the biggest decisions is your character name. You build up a reputation with your character name so why should you be able to change your name and escape from that reputation?

I mean, CCP needs to fix something. The cost of fully injecting 30mil sp vs buying a 30mil sp character is a factor of 20billion isk or more.

With character bazar and skill extraction/injection this argument is long gone. Those who want to escape can already do it, they only need enough isk. Introduction of Absolute Injection booster made it even easier.


The absolute shave already expired so it was only a small window, but yes given enough ISK they can buy a character but they have to go through that effort instead of just clicking a button and relogging :stuck_out_tongue:

Its just a minor nuisance if you really want that.

Myself I bought characters with history just because they had cool names. Fact that I’m a completely different person made their history meaningless.

On the other hand I’ve got my original character that I’d be fine with skillwise, with original history, that I’m extracting just because of the name I chose twelve years ago.

That doesn’t make any sense. Characters already have employment history and a list of aliases would be a simple solution to name change vs history problem.

I’m pretty sure it will happen sooner or later. It will certainly cost plex to buy and as we all know money talks.

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Also give us option to have a rainbow colored hair, like in example:


Use extractors and injectors.

Yes it’s more expensive because buying characters is like bulk buying. And you may pick up a history with that character.

Big nope.


It won’t, as CCP will make more profit if you use extraction / injection to transfer your skills. Even if you sell the character that still generates a solid profit for CCP on the character transfer.

Valid point but it’s just a matter what price they’d set for such certificate. Also some people don’t want to change the name but want more sp or move some sp so the profit would still be coming.

Also with absolute booster they made a first step towards less harsh extraction/injection cost, undercutting their own profit at the same. Maybe there’s a long term goal behind that (or just a dev who needed to move sp to a different character (*tinfoil hat)).

Patience, we’re almost there


… also, limit corp history to LAST only or previous 6 months.

$#!T needs changin’!

Nope. Since names are unique, reputation, bla bla above argument .

You can’t have “Scanner Strange” and “scanner strange” as seperate people, names are unique and not case sesitive. So I wouldn’t mind a way you could change the capitalisation at least. I messed it up on my main years ago, and while I agree a name should be permanent, and you can now suck out most of your SP and pump them into a new toon if you want a total name change, I would like a system where you could petition to have the capitalization fixed, at least.

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And hell no. I want to know ALL of your corp history. Again, you want to rid yourself of the history (reputation) then flex your Amex, brainsuck and pour it into a nice shiny new toon who was never a member of Douchebags 'R Us, Inc.


Here is my belief;

EVEonline is a game where trust is the most valuable commodity any player have to offer, whether they offer it or not doesn’t really matter, this also brings a common phrase to mind “Best ship is FriendShip”. A characters name is not only used to measure ones trust based on various actions performed by the character (player). With EVE being the (Sandbox) game it is; naturally all actions a player takes using an alternate identity (character with a specific name) will also have consequences.

We’ve all heard about one or more times where EVE have been brought up in various newspapers, even in TV-news reports?, telling tales of how one character planned and executed a malicious scheme, that’s has taken years in planning, and has even taken years to execute to perfection involving building trust and climbing the ranks within a Corporation/Alliance only to backstab and rob them blind when they least expect it! While it may not have been for this sole purpose but some have become legends in the EVE community.

In a story driven world, more so than any other MMO(RPG) game I’ve ever played, EVE stands out on top due to it’s “rename”-policy (as in it’s not possible to do).

A character’s name could be compared to a person’s social security number (the number that everyone is given at birth, may vary from country to country but it serves the same purpose) which is a unique identifier that can’t be changed no matte how much you may want to. You may chance the way you look, your name, where you live and so on, but your social security number will always remain the same.

I do firmly believe that CCP would not even think about making it an option to rename a character based all the things that are tied to a character’s name; Trust, Mistrust, Reputation (Player to Player), Actions and the consequences that follow. @CCP_Falcon is free to correct me if I’m off the mark here.

on a side note;
There have even been studies where scientific communities have used EVE as a way to examine human behavior in various situations.


you are beating a dead horse, was raised before and shot down.

it’s a terrible idea, sorry but no.

I don’t think they should. However, CCP needs to purge all the names that were gobbled up in 2003 that haven’t been used for 10+ years. There is no reasonable expectation that these people will ever return. Enigma being one of those names.

they already did that.

Keeping the same name is just right. I would just like to make the first letter a capital letter, instead of lowercase.