Beg for name change service

It’s been twenty years, please, we need a name change service

please CCP

i beg you

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No, we do not need a name change service.


Choices → consequences


Dont mind the forum trolls. They will always defend the status quo no matter how shitty it is.


Nope. Just create a new Account with a new Name. Problem solved.


Do you know how much money they make thanks to this decision? Some measly 20$ per name change won’t cut it for CCP.

change is good, except for those players that don’t want it…

This argumen, that you parroted from CCP, is stupid as hell.

GMs are already renaming characters. If you make a character with a racial, homophobic or just very vulgar name recognizable in english, then whenever someone reports that GMs will rename such toon. Last year GMs even renamed 3 years old ganking char which had “Putin” in name. They are just renaming the toons to “#Race# Citizen #IDNumber#”.

Did the actions of these characters that got renamed lost their consequences? Nope. They are still in contacts despite their name changed and their security status doesn’t change either. Their employment history is not erased either.

If you set the corp traitor to red and give him a tag in your contacts, you can’t be fooled after you kick him and he change his name and send a new corp invitatiion. And when you do get fooled by this, well it is fair game.

There would be no such issue at all, especially if the name change would be mentioned in Employment or somewhere.


If they purposely break the rules yea theyll change it, but they wont change it again

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I never said so. The example with the corp traitor is just an example in case the name change was possible.

As of right now they are not offering it. Say someone sells a min citizen223435. If it was previously offensive name, ccp still will not rename that char

I think that if CCP offered name change this thread wouldn’t be there…

Just because GMs will hide offensive names by turning player names into their default generic Amarr Citizen 23321656 does not mean they are supplying name changes on demand.

All they do is remove your offensive name so you’re left with nothing but your race and ID.

My character would be Gallente Citizen #2112743738 if it had no name.

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Putin is not offensive. It is political. By removing it CCP crossed a line.

If my game is being taken over by wokelords, I want a name change option since my name that was perfectly fine yesterday doesn’t fit today’s narrative. And I want it for free.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

We do not know what else besides ‘Putin’ was in the name. Might have been both political and offensive enough to warrant a removal of their name?

I think the point is that name changes are possible but only for GMs at the moment. It should probably be enabled for players as well. And yes, it should cost PLEX, of course. I support that. All the money they will make from that means they dont need Omega and Alpha clone system anymore. Everyone will be equal again, finally!

You also don’t know if there was anything at all else in the name.

Stop being an apologist. You know full well that CCP chose a side when they did their PLEX for war program.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

On the contrary, I’m certain that there was more than just ‘Putin’ in the name, considering the description in the post was:

which had “Putin” in name

And not

was ‘Putin’

which to a reasonable person suggests that ‘Putin’ was only part of the name and not the whole name.

Additionally the character ‘Putin’ still exists without name change, which tells us:

  • ‘Putin’ by itself is not enough to warrant a name change
  • the name of the renamed character did indeed contain more than just ‘Putin’

Looks like you’re not only again dislikeable, but also wrong.

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It hasn’t been reported yet.

The day will come when you lose your name because it’s named after some homophobe activist, or mass shooter, or terror cell leader, or half a dozen other things with a decent probability of happening. Just because some social media addict with a medium to large follower count finds it offensive.

And on that day - when you are crying loudest - I will link back to this thread and laugh at you.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

OP you don’t need to pay money to CCP to change your name. Most high sec and null sec players will call you „coward“, „shithead“, „■■■■■■■■■■■■“, „retard“, „asshole“, „incel“, etc for free when you shoot them. And they’re allowed to continue saying such language because they „were provoked“.

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