Beg for name change service

They are simply not interested in making 10 dollars by offering the service. You dont think they already talked about it and decided no based on profit? They either dont care about the work or dont know how to change the code lol. Would I like to have paid name changes… Yes.

Or they think that the extra income from name changes isn’t worth giving up the ‘actions have consequences’ principle of EVE.

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This has been a “non-issue” with many online games for a long time. Six years ago players made a lot of Trump characters and silly names like XxRawrxX. But just like those tribal and kanji tattoos you got when you were young and foolish, they are very permanent so wear it or biomass.

This is why I put a lot of thought into my character names. John Rochard is a video game character from the game Rochard. He is an astro-miner who gets caught up in a conspiracy and ends up getting sucked into a wormhole. I felt it very appropriate for Eve Online.

Many games will force you to change your name, if it is offensive. Personally I find nothing offensive about words. Someone once told me apple is an offensive word. At the time, I thought they were making a joke about Apple computers, but alas no, I looked it up and apparently apple can be used as an offensive description of a person.

One game my wife played wouldn’t allow names from Marvel or DC comics, she tried Scarlet Beetle and the client told her it was under copyright. She switched it up and tried Scarlet Scarab and that too was a Marvel owned character. She finally got Burgundy Beetle to work, but wasn’t very happy about the issue. I find it amazing their database holds a list of all those obscure characters.

I am not against you getting your name changed, but you should have thought about it before you made it off the cuff. At least this isn’t like Black Desert where you buy other player’s horses from the market without the knowledge of the name. My wife bought a donkey on there and was upset the donkey came with the name Dipshit.

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There are a lot of player suggestions thet are neat but bad ideas.

This is a feature most other MMO’s have and is a natural fit for having a character bazaar. I dont really buy into the opposition to this change.

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Names may not:

  • Reflect, glorify or emulate any real-world group or organization, terrorist society, criminal elements, discriminating organizations or their leaders and figureheads. This includes the use of names of real-world military, political or religious groups.
  • Be obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, offensive, hurtful, harmful, promote drugs, profane, anti-gay, and ethnically, racially or sexually offensive or impart any real-world hostility toward a specific nationality, race or religion.
  • In-game names include, but are not limited to: Character names, corporation names, alliance names and any other player-nameable item or entity within the game world.
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That is an interesting theory and possibly correct - GMs probably doesn’t have the ability to actually rename anyone, they can just delete/hide the name label so the game shows the ID instead. Or you have some insight knowledge to support this claim perhaps?

Even if this is true, I don’t see how does that changes anything I wrote. This is technicallity. For us players, the recently “John Doe” is now named “Gallente Offender 123456” and while it technically isn’t a name change, for us players it is. Does this cause the said character to be freed from the consequences of actions he took in past? No, not at all. Whether this “John Doe” new name is “Gallente Whatever” or “Doe John” nobody gets fooled by this because contacts exists and standings exists.

I didn’t want to imply that it was deserved or undeserved and that GMs did a mistake or didn’t do mistake. But when this discussion already started I will try to find out what the original name was exactly.

Though above post explains that such name is against rules.

It’s just a guess, based on the fact that these replacement names are predetermined.

It has been years since I went there, but think I recall seeing a lot of ‘Gallente Citizen #xxxxx’ characters freshly spawned in Gallente newbie systems. It could suggest that new characters spawn in space with this default name before their chosen name has been synchronized with the database and game. I may have misremembered though, but I’m not near a PC to verify it.

May be worth checking?

It is good guess, each character typically has their own unique ID. If that ID was their actual name, then the GMs couldn’t easily rename the character (it would be still possible, but much harder to do)

That also means that the name can be easily changed and that this possibility is lacking is just not a technical issue but just (money driven) decision of CCP.

And it makes sense. Peoples who really want new name will have to start new character and train it from zero which means spend/buy PLEX or other skill packages for $$$.

That is simply better for CCP than to sell this service for 20€ or even 100€. It would also require them to code this service on their support webpage and elsewhere just like character transfer works. Too much hassle.

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Good idea!
As and addition, name changing event might be recorded in BIO (along with character transfer events).
Also, this will help if someone is buying experienced character, but needs to change name.

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No. You should not be able to rename a characfer you purchase

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I have a definite proof for my argument that it is not a technical limitation based decision but greed one.

If you get your name suspended and changed to Empire Citizen ### you can ask GM for rename and they will comply and give you new name. Confirmed by my corp member who I trust, but I heard about it before from other ganker whose name was “CONCORD something”.

If you make a name that is in violation or offensive, ccp will change it, but it cannot be renamed afterwards

CCP will change it to Minmatar Citizen 123456 for example. And then you can ask GMs to get a brand new name like “Not Offensive Name”. GMs will comply.

@CCP_Swift says otherwise


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Then I guess that the two players are lying…

I am quite sure that this character CONTROL SERVICE Captainess | Character | zKillboard was named CONCORD SERVICE Captainess before, but maybe I saw wrong…

I’m not getting involved in the debate, but as to whether you can or can’t get your character renamed may come down to why that character has been renamed to Citizen <ID#>. I had a friend who stopped playing and their character was renamed in this fashion upon their return. There was no issue getting a new name of their choice. Players renamed for being offensive (in CCP’s judgement), as opposed to inactive, may not get the same leniency.

I don’t really know for sure. Consistency is not CCP’s strong suit, but it is at least possible that there is some truth in both being able to get a name change for a ‘citizen’ character, and not being able to get that name changed.

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Late reply, but this is likely the answer for what you explained. The characters remained but the names were purged. Returning players were allowed to rename them (as far as I can research)


Personally, I wouldn’t allow name changes as cosmetic choices in the game. Nor can you alter your chosen race, employment history or character transfer records. It’s a can of worms…

Gallente Citizen #93853407

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I don’t see why not it can be as in real life also known as AKA John Doe .

The original name AKA could appear on the character sheet ,
also when you do search for the original name it will pull up the character with the new name that includes the original name .

But also if the old character is negatively flagged all its effects will appear at the new character name.

So in effect in the chat your character will have the new name for all to see

There is no need to show the previous name of a character. It also devalues it sort of like how trading a character puts a mark in the employment sheet alerting it has gone through a character transfer. What is the point?

I would like to see more privacy not less for one. For example only current corp should be visible, maybe even with the option of hiding it, but maybe it would be a criminal act. But then only NPC corp history should be visible since those records are public you can say. Player corp employment history should be private imo.

There would be “crawlers” made by players who will siphon this info and put it in a database somewhere tho->Emergent gameplay