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Why is this not an option?
If CCP needs money why can’t you buy a name change for $$$ like in every MMO?
If you add the old name to the “Show Info” like it does for transfer character, I fail to see what the problem is.
People would buy this 24/7
365 days a year.

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Because your name carries reputation in this game. And having to show info and see if you name changed is tedious and annoying.


Next in New Eden Store: corp history cleanup…

kids need to stop trying to use this argument.
it will never work and is a terrible way to try and justify support for their proposals.

I’d love to see the data you have to support this claim.

Well it would sure make a lot more money than trying to rip players off on skillbooks.

I’d love to see the data you have to support this claim.

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Another name change topic, really?

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Character transfers already appear in corp history - this wouldn’t be terribly controversial if name changes appeared there, too, particularly if the old name could not be reused for several months after the name change by other players (ie. not sharing the same email address). Right now employment history has a collapsible section for transfers - one could be introduced for name changes.



Because it’d be abused 24/7 365 days a year.

Not happy with your current name? Actions have consequences.

Make new char. Extract SP. Inject SP in new char. Done.

if everyone else saw the character as its true and original name.

This again? This subject needs its own afk cloaking megathread trashbin as it pops up all too often and the people posting it are too lazy to search up the earlier threads where the subject was already discussed in detail like for years or who knows how much longer by now. :thinking:

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I think a character should be able to be renamed after purchasing it on the character bazaar. In fact, I think that should be as mandatory part of the character transfer process.

The new owner is not of course the previous owner and shouldn’t benefit from any reputation the previous owner might have established. (or be held responsible for a negative reputation they didn’t earn, either). Seems to me that when skill injectors came on the scene they rendered the long-standing argument about name change/reputation in eve moot.

As an example of unearned reputation; I once bought a character that had been owned by a Russian fellow. He had been pretty good, with a very green killboard full of frankly impressive and legit kills. By contrast, my KBs are often splattered with enough red you might think they were at a game of thrones wedding. He had carved out a deserved reputation and I spent some time telling people who greeted me thinking I was him that I was not. Why should I have even had the opportunity to impersonate someone else?

Character transfer listing was (at long last) a good idea, but doesn’t go far enough imo.

@God_Emperor_Kane - you feel like commenting on another name-change thread?

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IIRC @Salt_Foambreaker recently proposed a somewhat related idea, which I personally think is a great and less controversial idea, that “self-transfers” (transfers from one account to another account owned by the same player per email address so as to “reorganize” which account has which characters) NOT be listed in corp history as character transfers as they can be misleading to others. There is no reason for others to know that a self-transfer occurred, and there is no reason for others to suspect that the transfer occurred to a third party when this was not the case. A name change is very similar in this regard, except that the change is public knowledge. @Xuxe_Xu brings up a good point that a strong case could be made for it to be integrated into the character process (between different players), but whether or not this happens, the framework already exists for the data to be shown (that is, corp history presently shows data other than corp history: character transfers).

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I commented on another thread about name changes?

I am not against it but like the transfer section in your corp history I would want to see a name changed from X to Y there as well. Then you it only matters to those that go and look who you were?

This is EVE so the only reason to change a name is to hide I guess. But that is irrelevant if that info is in you history. Most people want to change names because they they were 12 when they did it. And lets face it… Manboobs Manhattan (made up but if you see some of the names people use I have to wonder what age they are) as a name… could only be a 12 year old.

It would also be nice if CCP did another round of purges of chars names not used in years to free up some names.

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Chars that are biomassed can have their names used again. So look at doomheim corp and find a name you like

[IDEA] Name Change Certificate

Can we please keep this all in one place?

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