Changing the characters name

Idea 2.

Hello everyone.

Ok, after my first idea with the ai npcs was relatively well received and my prayers happened to be answered and soon there will be even real player pirates, I thought of the following new one.

How about the function to rename the name of his own character?

Because I think there are some who want to change their name, because of a too late recognized spelling mistake or the name does not please you anymore.

What do you think about this feature?

I always welcome honest opinions.

Thank you.

Renaming characters has been verboeten in EVE since the very beginning.

The reasoning is that your deeds, both foul and fair, should follow you through the characters career.

This applies when selling the character. There was a character named Santo Trafficante who was a well known, and very successful, smartbomber of capsules around Black Rise some time ago. They tried to sell the character, but, afaik, no-one would touch it because it was on so many people’s kill-on-sight lists.

If you really want to change names, you can extract the skills from the character down to the 5m minimum and reinject them into a new character. Depending how many SP we’re talking, you’ll take a hit when you reinject.


In that case, you can just extract all your SP, create a new character, transfer the LSI to the new character, inject all the SP + compensation purchases from the market and rejoin your corp, and then biomass the old character. Done. Character renamed.


A spelling mistake should be spotted before you have many sp to worry about, make another character. A name you don’t like? Well Eve is partially about consequences.

No, I have and will continue to fight against any sort of name change mechanic.



There is no excuse for EVE to neglect a basic account feature that just about every other MMO will happily provide.

every other mmo doesn’t rely on creed, consequences, past, history of char etc that is all tied to a name.


Then throw it in your employment history or something.

The sanctioned existence of the Character Bazaar tells me that creed, past, and history mean absolutely nothing to the game from a development or player standpoint. If your character can be CCP blessed cash crop of skillpoints then how much does a name change really throw a stick in the spokes?

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While a transfer date is shown, and yes the new owner cannot act like the char they bought, i dont think the rules count if someone just moves that character to another account.

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Thank you for your answers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would imagine it could make life difficult for corps and alliances.

Some spai gets found and booted, change name, reapply? I realise there are workarounds for this, but it’s once example.

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one victim of mine im sure did exactly that… after a pvp pilot lost a paladin to a scarebear he went on a suicide smart boming spree… soon im almost convinced he dropped from corp and was never heard from again, imho he peolly did just what you said… recycle the char and start over

see I’m with Mike on this one, this is also why i’m against multiboxing and Multiple character training.

who are are in EVE matters and what YOU do matters, its one of the most fundamental aspects of the game and the very foundation which EVE should be build upon.

if you were a new bro and noticed that you made a mistake with your character name and you notice it early on, biomass and start over.

EVE is also not like every other MMO, its basic design was to be different.

instead of having different realms, you have a single universe, instead of being able to change your name, nope, who you are matters for a players actions no matter how subtle or bold resonate through the entire game world, because its one big sandbox.

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This has been brought up… argued about and shot down so many times.
If CCP haven’t done it in the past 20years, I really don’t think they ever will.

They understand EVE is about reputation!!!

Nobody wants to have to dig through a pilots aliases tab on their info window to see of you already ‘know’ them.


This idea is bad and you should feel bad

Again, the existence of the character bazaar really kills the idea that your name and reputation are prized assets that can only be attributed to you and you alone.

The arguments against being able to rename your character don’t stand up against the fact that anybody else can recieve your character.

That’s a very good point.


This will never happen.

Please learn how to spell when typing in your gamer tag.

True, but at least we know it has been transferred. So, I know it is a different person and will act accordingly.

Your fair point doesn’t move the needle that suddenly CCP is going to be accepting plex or $$$ to start changing names.

That’s not true. You can transfer a character between two different accounts that the same person owns.

There’s even a guy on this very forum updating his character thread every time he does this (to get his character to redeem an account-bound skin):

No idea why would someone want to pay 20 bucks for that?! :joy:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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