A message to future recruiters of myself

Hi, not sure what do in the future but i heard sometimes you get problems with corporation recruiters when you have char transfers in your back.

This is a transfer between my two accounts because i get this skin and as far i know was given to the winners of a small tournaments some time ago


and really the others two characters i have are baby alphas. Probably i recreate the other two nice names in the same account, but i am transferring to get the skin and activate the promo of 3000 plexes for a year.

Repeating, i am NOT selling me, only making an explication of the transfer between my two accounts.


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[Draugur Niflhel Gildclaw SKIN - EVEMarketer

Sell Min: 7,800,000,000.00 ISK | Buy Max: 1,436,000,000.00 ISK

Transfer between accounts to pass the skin off to the other account?
Does it stay on the redeem queue if the transfer took longer than the 2 days?

Only Boring corps do interviews and rubbish :smiley:

Never handed my API to any recruiter in my life :stuck_out_tongue:

As ar i know, the skin dessapear if not redeemed in the time. This character is a simple frigate abyssal tranquil and calm runner, but already have two rare damavik skins, then i seek is not common the skin, and transfer myself.

I suppose someone can transfer to your account, get the skin and get transfer again out but sound expensive / too complicated.

I understand the idea of the background check. Two people of my old corporation get problems with recruiters. One with goons and other with brave. Not know exactly the first case, but the second i remember he left a baby corporation of goons and was not accepted in brave. he is now in horde and playing with us in high sec.

By the way, as a father and 53 years old, not much time for politics now, but maybe i play again ni null, or more in general if other pandemic happen or many extra money in my way.