one or all if I can afford it.

Well, maybe interested in him :slight_smile:

24m , is Jump indy, orca mining, and many industry.

Thats actually a great looking pilot, just what Im interested in, what are you looking for to get him?


Is 38 extractors at aprox 302.1, then the extractor value is 11.5b aprox

books are 650m then i think , and have implants and the base 5m …

: 11.5 + .65 + 3 = 15.1

16b i think is a good base price.

I could agree to 16b yes

Ok i enter in a minute with him t o set the deal.

DO u want the corporation too ? eynsane industries, or i just dissolve ?

dissolve plz

I agree to sell myself, at 24m points, for 16b , is in high sec, all rules apply, not killing rights, positive wallter.

OK, i am in an alliance. Need do some steps first (need create other character etc).

Send the isk and account name to eynsane, and i deliver the pilot in less than an hour.

Ok I will send also will mail you the account info

Isk sent and account given, recycling character from it, please send in 10 hours

Isk and account received The buyer ask me for send him in ten hours.

Thank you for this so far, its been smooth and quick to respond

Transfer failed because "Target user has too many characters "

In other words, I cant transfer yet, you need finalize the process of biomass. If u dont do ASAP, i need receive a pilot first and will be forced of transfer later.

Please answer when you biomass

Transfer of Eynsane done one moment ago. Pleaseconfirm when you receive the ccp realworld mail

I did receive the transfer notice, however I didnt get him in today’s downtime, thats when they do the character transfers to accounts right?? Only during Downtime?? If so, probably will get him tommorrow. Thanks again

Normally tou get at the Ten hours of my transfer. I was sleeeping in downtime. Count ten hours of my message, then apro six horus more and the character appear in your account.

Thanks much, I was asleep when that 10 hour mark went by and confirmed the deletion of a character once I got up, thats why it was unable to be done the first time you tried.

dont worry =P normally no problem but i was using the slot for other char i was purchasing.

Well Im very sorry for the delay, I hope it didnt cause an issue,

this things happen =) have a nice day

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