I did extract some of his skills, he CAN still fly a Rorq, and is great in a JF and has great drone skills

Looking for offers

Confirming I am for sale

I’ll start you of - 12 billion once all CCP rules are respected.

Yes, I need to get him into NPC Corp which is no problem, however he still has 46 usable skill extractions from him so Jita price puts him a couple billion over that 12. Im sorry. I will pay to transfer him and he will be in NPC corp, however, just cant do it for 12. He is STILL a very capable JF and can still barely fly the Rorqual so he can still be logistics for me. I am sorry

15B b/o

Eran your offer is accepted. I am getting him into the npc company and begin transfer once you send me evemail as to which account and you send the isk. Congrats

Back up for sale again

ill offer 13b

Thank you but no, cannot do 13, thank you for looking though

I can offer 14b.

I can do that. Just let me know the account name and send the isk and I will begin the transfer

Im sorry I lost you. He was trying to evac null and got ganked at a lowsec gate camp… sorry :frowning: The best I could find out while running out was multiple answers, alot saying yes characters could be transferred to or from alpha accounts, another few said NO, the accounts HAVE to be Omega, so honestly I dont know

From what I’ve understood you got ganked while running some evac and home station was not in hisec. Is that right?

Are you still for sale? If so, tell me when you will be back on hisec to proceed with the transfer.

I tried to run him out to be able to let you keep the implants in him “which went all that super” but still implants. I got ganked in LOW sec gatecamp, he went to home station in HS. YES he is still for sale

Just send Isk and account name to Kelcier Zaint and I can begin the transfer progress

Sent the ISK and account name to the character on sale ( Eynsane)

ok logging him back in

Isk and account received. Began transfer, will let you know if they contact about issues. Thank you

Transfer of character is underway

Dear marnius2532

You have chosen to transfer the character Eynsane to the account named Zigguraty.

Cannot log into him now so it must have gone through. Enjoy your new pilot and thank you

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