Selling my main char for 1 isk in protest of CCP selling out to PA

It’s a real good ■■■■■■■ deal. 26.3mil SP, and no more fucks to give to CCP.’sAllAbout_TheRiver

mostly a droneboat pilot, with a bit of skills for tengu/proteus. ~8mil in isk, ~6mil in liquid assets. Jumpclones are in Amarr VII emperor family academy, and Faspera I: ammatar fleet testing facilities, which also has a bunch of my asset saftey in there.

Currently in luminaire 33 moon 1 duvolle labratories factory

Only real downside is the name, I did it on a dare.

1 isk. Final. Eve is dead to me. Not 100% sure how to transfer the char, but I’ll figure it out. First come first serve.

EDIT: Trade cancelled, it seems it requires a 1 time 20$ payment, and I refuse to pay them a dime.


i will buy

hey fam how do I do the whole transfer?
no clue

2 isk… ill double down!!! gimme gimme

will walk you through in game?


he hasnt said he would sell to u yet :stuck_out_tongue: also I think he is joshing with his account sale… in protest… grain of salt applied here!

send it to me :smiley: i’ll mail you account info

i’ll pay the transfer fee + 5 isk!

Seems it requires you to make a payment of 20$ for a transfer, I ain’t payin them ■■■■.

mail sent
i told you about the free way w/ plex

Anychance you sell this to me?:grinning:

Ill pay da transfer fee:grinning:

as a buyer you can’t pay the transfer fee its against CCP rules…

If u want to buy into the possible scam, send him 500 plex and see what happens and if he transfers the toon to you.

you cant pay with plex. Only cash so they have record of transaction

wait did CCP remove the option to transfer with PLEX?

Yeah. You can still do it, though. All you’ve got to do is submit a ticket and the GMs will transfer it for you and deduct the 1.000 PLEX off your PLEX vault(?).

I’ll offer but you need to follow rules on character sales

Goes to sell his toon in protest of CCP and forgets about the transfer fee. Looks like CCP won again.

Oh, and if you go to a real protest, don’t forget the poster board and markers…