Mods please delete

rare 2003 char born 22:07:2003

Supercarrier pilot, plus others stuff

has 4bill Golden 197 variant Aurural AU-79 Capsule also!

positive wallet - positive sec 3.8
All positive standings to empire factions

was extracted once at 180 mill sp, so still has lots and lots of injected skills already paid for, including Amarr titan, dreads, carriers, pretty much every ship and gunnery skill etc

check eveboard and you can see

start at 55bil
Isk to go to this character

ccp rules state that the seller has the pay for the transfer :).

i don’t see that in the rules

I believe the Captain is correct, and just trying to be helpful. You’ll also want to leave your corp if you haven’t already.

Like the character, but the opening bid is beyond my reach.


I’m sure he is. But I’ll iterate I cannot see that in the rules. If someone would link the rule then please do. Because also buyers have always paid the transfer. Also character has left corp

Sorry no

Hope this clears up all the confusion, happy bidding everyone!

Point 6 under purchasing and sales. Welcome to the Character Bazaar

39 billion


Starting bid of 55 sorry Erin

First to offer 55 gets it

Yes, but if you state that you want the people bidding to pay for Character Transfer at least a week or two ahead of time then THEY have to pay ^.^

You will find that ISD and GMs disagree with that…


I thought things were like pre RMR, it has been a very long time ! It appears i’m being watched ^.^

It’s just that there’s one official way of paying for transfers, credit card. That means you can’t ask for people’s CC info :slight_smile:

CCP could easily turn around and say they no longer support PLEX payments (happened before)


Yeah, i kind of remembered something like that happened =/

Hi, i dont want to open new topic, because i am asking here sorry…
how does it work the character transfer? also i pay the isk to the seller that he want have for his character, and who is paying the 20$ for the transfer to ccp?