Private sell of this char to Princess NewEden

Selling this 5mil SP character to Princess NewEden as agreed in game.

I agree to buy Obione Stellate for 10billion and pay 1000plexes transfer fee.

Will start transfer as soon as isk received

Isk and plexes have been sent to TxivYawg1, plz start transfer now

Lot of things wrong in this transaction.

People already actively selling 5m sp characters for 4B or less, and Buyer also paid for transfer fee, which is a violation of Char bazaar rules. Hmmm, ill just Flag it and let CCP deal with this.

you don’t have anything better to do? wow, you have too much free time in your life.

Yep, I have so much free time that I want to use it to report suspicious transactions. Goodluck :rofl:

Yes, Per the Character Bazaar rules, the seller is responsible for the character transfer fees, not the buyer.

D. Purchasing and sales
6. The owner of the character being sold is responsible for paying CCP the character transfer fee.

ISD Yumi, You mean the seller, not the buyer.

Correct, I had a slight mistype it seems. I fixed it. :slight_smile: Thanks!

10-4! Hah, that was fast.

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I bought this character because of personal reason, ccp could know the details in game email system.
Thank you guys for your attention. But this transfer is not related with scam or RMT.

Regardless of reason, the seller still needs to pay the transfer fees, even if it a private sale.

Please see the link I posted to the rules set for the Character Bazaar and make sure that they are being followed.

I don’t understand. Of course he pay the transfer fee. What’s wrong?

Offering the 1000 plex to pay the transfer fee in addition to the isk for the toon would be seen as you paying for the fee, not the seller.

Well, what should I do now?

If the seller already accepted the contract with the plex, you could contact them back and ask for the plex back and they pay the fee as required, otherwise, I would suggest to contact CCP by filing a ticket and explain what happened so they can look at it and get it resolved.

Hope this helps.

Well, I will send a ticket to ccp to explain this. Thank you. ISD.

the 1000 PLEXes will be paid in the form of ISK. problem solved!

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