WTS 10Mil SP (Fixed - I hope)

(Wtdou Baeldorei) #1


Pass: 1235

  1. Wallet balance - He has ZERO ISK. I don’t know why it’s showing 100,000 I have updated several times
  2. Kill rights - No Idea, nor do I know how to check, I would assume no.
  3. Jump clones - No Jump Clones installed
  4. Character location - Ammold V

You will be expected to pay for the Character Transfer, I am looking to sell this character because I can no longer pay for him.

(Red Lola) #2

i thought seller has to pay the fee

(Vulgus Carovigra) #3

You cannot ask the buyer to pay transfer fee

(Wtdou Baeldorei) #4

Can you show me where it states the seller must pay for transfer? I will gladly stop trying to sell them then. But if I could pay to have them transferred, I could pay for them. In which case I could not be trying to sell them.

(ISD Yumi) #5

Please make sure you are reading the character bazaar rules fully. I’ve linked them in your previous threads as well. You’ve added in the information about the character this time, however, as the seller you are also responsible for the transfer fees.

6. The owner of the character being sold is responsible for paying CCP the character transfer fee.

Please adjust your post to reflect.

Thank you!

(Wtdou Baeldorei) #6

Wow… w/e, feel free to lock / delete my posts then. If I could afford to xfer them I could afford to pay for the accounts. That makes ZERO sense.

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(ISD Fractal) #8

Thread locked.