WTS 5.1 million SP character first 3 billion OBO


ill do 3b if you confirm all the ccp stuff and things

I will cover the transfer costs, this is my first marketplace endeavour so let me know what else you need.

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Wallet balance is 0 isk (not negative).

No kill rights for or against.

No jump clones.

Character is in Jita, Moon 4, Caladari Navy Assembly Plant.


sending this toon 3b and acc name to transfer too

3,5 bil

ill do 3.75b than

isk and acc name sent

Contacting in game, account managment wont transfer as it says “target has too many characters.” You have 5 minutes to contact me or I will sell to TheDancer Girl

The other individual has too many characters on their account. I am willing to accept your offer.

sending 3,5 b now

Isk received and character transfered.

Why you are willing to accept my offer, when you return my isk after I sent it?


Mad Vemane cleared up his issue as I sent you the message. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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