Will the ever be a name change option

Hello folks. Just wondering if there will be an option to change a characters name? I understand the firm want of having a stable identity and folks always knowing who you are and all that. But maybe it could be implemented for purchased characters from the bazaar? Something like a one time thing per character ever or something like that. Just wondering if i’m the only one who wants this to become a thing.

No, you are not. That is something players have wanted for many years but CCP firmly rejected the idea. Maybe since CCP was bought up by a Korean game company about 6 months ago we might see something like that eventually.

Complete speculation.

CCP does occasionally change names of characters and corporations in situations where they’ve chosen the name of a well known real world individual or corporation. The way the code is currently written, the name change is not tracked in the character or corp history - you only know it happened if you knew that character or corp before the change.

If name changes were tracked in your history, it could be a very profitable service for CCP without letting people “erase” their past. Given the profit potential, I suspect it’s a substantial development effort.

From the recent AMA with CCP Hellmar:

Rename certificates. You had in the Chinese server, any chance to get here? Off course you get a paid service and an history.

This is something we’ve been considering for a while, especially when we’re in a position where players can buy and sell characters.

It’s not something that’s on a roadmap right now, but we’re looking at character services and what we can add to the New Eden Store in future, so there’s every chance this’ll become a thing some day!

Putting your old name on the employment history, which has often been suggested by the community is for example a great example of a design to address some of the issues name changes bring in a world like EVE.

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Thanks all for the replies. I very much hope that they come through with this idea sooner rather than later. I would gladly hand over a reasonable amount of cash for this service! And having your old name in the history is a great idea too.

I wish there was an option to clear employment history and other player awarded decorations. These would be brilliant.

There is no logical reason why they can’t implement this feature. Your history would follow you and they can make money on it. I have a few older characters I hate to play because I no longer like the names.

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I do as well. It might sound shallow but I have quit the game because of the lack of this feature. It wasn’t something that bothered me as much when I played solo but as I joined corporations with characters I have purchased I do not want to be known by those names and as it stands with many authorization pages and Corp discords it logs the name of the character you are on. It’s become a big thing to me and I have cancelled my 4 subscriptions until this is is fixed. There is no reason for us not to have this ■■■■ already. I won’t be back until it’s here.

There is a good reason for it…and I always love the “i cancelled my 30 subs” BS


How do you get 30 from 4 you idiot? Also I can do you cancellation emails from the 4 of them. I guess you could call bs on that 1 is still active until the end of this month.

There is no good reason. All you have is ignorant passive aggressive insults that no one really gives a damn about.

I’m also in agreement that we be able to change our character names. Seems like a good idea.

Well, obviously you do, answering with raging active aggressive insults, LOL.
I don’t get it, you pay for a purchase of several chars and ragequit? Doesn’t sound economically sensible.

I agree a player should be able to change a name after a bazaar purchase, but only as long as the char is in a NPC corp and via a CCP service call. And I think being a bit more diplomatic may help in communication with a service provider…

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