Name/Gender Change

Before skill extractors I was on the no name change bandwagon.

However between skill extractors, sale of chars and really the length of time we have all played, during which we change; I think there is now room for this in some form.

On the name change I think there should be a visible history of some kind, not unlike the employment history.

As far as how you get it, I’m good with anything from circumnavigating New Eden via NS in a Hulk to NES :slight_smile:


Since you already mentioned skill extractors you idea is kinda of pointless, don’t you agree?

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Its easier in both cases in real life than in the game with CCP deciding about it. :thinking:


Skill extractors do not mean you can change a name. Yes you could extract all skills,but an old pilot would lose so much SP.

And I tend to agree on allowing name changes. Put in a decent cost, add a tab that shows past names in the show info, and it works.

I don’t mind my be but I see others where a person created a name in high school and have grown or matured past that name.



No name change

Name change sex change, skill extractors and biomass are your friends.

I think a one-time name change upon character purchase and option to change character name once or every five years or something with a name history tab like an employment history tab (employment history follows character regardless of current name) might work.

The reasons CCP has given in the past for not wanting to do name changes have been obliterated by the actions of CCP themselves. At this point it’s mostly a matter of convenience.

As for gender changes…supposedly we are clones that receive the transferred conciousness of what is us the capusuleer, right? So what’s stopping a clone being made another gender, race, whatever?


There are ONLY TWO (2) GENDERS you heathen

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I thought we were talking about EVE here. Now perhaps in Amarr they stick to two genders, but in Gallente space. Well, that’s a whole different story.

(Gender: Is it mostly a social construct? Opinions differ)


Christ, I wonder if a dev can tell us how hard it a namechange would be on the database XD

I’m sure there are several reasons why name changes aren’t allowed, the least of which being blocked by someone in chat and your previous contact standing with them. If you’re a scammer or a known ganker in an NPC corp, all you’d have to do is change your name and go right back to scamming Jita local or if you’re a ganker you wouldn’t show up as hostile to a player that had previously marked you as such…

Unless there’s a history of name changes.
And if there were, then it would be much easier to just use a throwaway Alpha for scamming.
Also, if there were name changes, they should not affect player notes/standings.

–AKA Gadget

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I would guess, that the blocking is bound to the pilot and not his name. So a name change wouldn’t be a problem at all.

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I would not need a name change if the naming setup had not been a few characters short to make the name I originally wanted. :rage:

So a name change would be pointless if the reason for people like myself wanting to change it was that you are not given enough character spaces for the name you originally wanted to fit in the space they have provided…
I would pay $2000 US if they would give me the space and name I want damn it!

Name wanted
(Urocyon cinereoargenteus) :slight_smile:

would you pay $4000 if they gave you it in a nice pretty pink also? :rofl:

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remember when eve was about living with the consequences of your choices


I cocked-up my name when I first joined (the in-game name, not this forum-only alt), and it’s annoyed the hell out of me ever since. Technically, the ease with which it could be done depends on the exisitng database design, of which I have no knowledge. I suspect, however, that the decision is commercial.

Remember when life was about giving people a chance to correct n00b misunderstandings the very first time they did something new ?

When was this time? In the not so distant past, noobish or not so noobish mistakes got you killed for good without a second chance. Unlike in today’s day and age, there has not been a life that was about giving people a second chance.

For the sake of argument and related to EVE, however: You always had a second chance in EVE. Noticed a mistake in your char name after char creation? Biomass and create a new char with the correct name. Noticed a char name mistake later, maybe a couple of months into playing? Create a new char, transfer all assets to this char, biomass or sell the old char and get the money for your new char’s training. Nowadays, you can just extract the skills from your char and transfer them over to a new char. There are plenty of ways to “correct mistakes from the first time you did something new”.