CCP should add a character rename certifacate

(Cypherous) #21

A minor nuisance is better than none, it still requires you to actually have to do it instead of just activating an item and relogging like i said

Until you get to a point where you’re using a name that has already been used before and now nobody knows if that was you or not, whats stopping me from changing my name to yours if you changed yours to something else

I find this extremely unlikely, the current system would generate far more money for them than a rename system, skill extractors aren’t free :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cypherous) #22

You can submit a petition and GM’s will change that for free, because as you point out names are unique anyway so the capital letters are purely decorative

(Cypherous) #23

All the while its a non-zero chance they will leave those characters on accounts to hold their names, because IF they return do you think they are likely to stay if the first thing they see is a prompt to pick a new name? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure the biomassed character names get put back in to the pool but i don’t see a reason to free up a name like that

(Sovereign - Citizen) #24

No, they didn’t.

It’s easy to have a disclaimer. IE… “This name is on an old a$$ account and IF they ever return they are entitled to have it returned to them.” Dare to think outside the box. :package:

(Cypherous) #25

Right, and now how are you going to handle the customer who was using that name before the player returned, what if that player has been using that name for a year and suddenly they lose it because someone decided to pop back for a month, there is no way to handle this and thinking outside of the box won’t really help in this situation

(Sovereign - Citizen) #26

You have such a limited scope of thinking. CCP could add a character like “©” that only they could assign. They love selling PLEX and other services, might as well add another. Then, IF someone comes back and wants their name back, the person that borrowed that name could have a designation assigned to there name. Like Enigma©. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Kind of like adding an “*” to Barry Bonds home runs record.

Just look at the odds. You could even send emails out to all the names about to be purged. They might even get some of the vets to come back for a spell.

*CCP could even offer Name Insurance, should you ever lose it back to the original holder.

(Cypherous) #27

Yes, because people want random characters assigned to their names just so people can have a rename system lol

You cannot honestly say you would be happy with that system if you were the one being affected, not to mention all the backend stuff that would likely break as a result, see the thing is i’m not the one here with the “limited scope” i’m looking at it from both sides, and neither party is really going to be happy with having a character with the same name running around regardless of some stupid character that gets added to the end, and then you get the issues about 3rd or 4th generation versions of names, are you going to keep assigning random special characters to the end, because i can really see that looking great after the 4th or 5th time

(Nicolai Serkanner) #28

It’s not, go away.

(Sovereign - Citizen) #29

You’re correct with this point. However, can you “honestly say” that someone that hasn’t logged in for 15 years deserves to have a really cool name reserved for eternity? Some of those guys may have played a week and quit. Eve was a lot harder to grasp in 2003.

(Cypherous) #30

First come first served, just like everything else, if i reserve a domain name and never do anything with it should you be entitled to take it without a fight just because you like the name?

If they have at some point paid, which was the criteria to avoid reclamation, only trial accounts had character names taken, they should be entitled to keep that name for as long as they want it

(Sovereign - Citizen) #31

Uh, yes. They don’t get held indefinitely.

Uh, no. You are delusional. Even if you buy land with cash you have to pay taxes on that land every year for the rest of your life. If you don’t believe me, just don’t pay them and see what happens…

(Butt Cigar) #32

Even ScamBay allows for username changes, but the account retains a history of previous usernames. Wouldn’t that satisfy everyone for Eve character name changes?

I remember when we were all dead against Eve becoming just another Pay-to-win game, but that ■■■■ happened. Character name changes seem to be pretty mild by comparison.

(Mike Azariah) #33

No. This has been discussed more than once by tthe CSM with CCP with some arguing for and others against. (I am firmly against name changes)

You are your history, yeah you can buy another character, yeah you can inject (at cost) No you cannot wipe your slate clean.

Nor should you be able to hide your corp/employment history.

This is a game where what you have done has consequences. Some of you are trying to avoid that and you can . . . at the above mentioned cost. But not with a simple little certificate or a ‘hide my past’ button.

You chose your name or you chose the name of the character you bought. Live with your choice.


(Foggy Bernstein) #34

A rename certificate would be one of the stupidest things to have in the game. It’s right up there with the likes of PLEX and injectors.

So, now you know where I stand personally.

But here’s the reality of what’s going to happen. They will be in the game sooner than later. Much like the other two I mentioned, it will rake in some serious cash in the few years left for this game before it’s dropped to focus solely on mobile.

(Solecist Project) #35

This isn’t about the player, but the character. Reputation is attached to the character. Us knowing the player behind a char is meta and not considered by ccp, unless he violated the rules heavily, like real life threats, rmt, etc.

this becomes clear when you look at how ccp seperates players from their characters. for ccp, every alt is a unique pilot, independent of other alts. even forum rules reflect this, evidenced by the passage about “leeway” in regards to characterbans.

(Eimar Akytamku) #36

You could have a character name history tab.

Would allow for people to change the name, while still keeping (to some extent) the history and reputation of the character visible.

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #37

i have alts that got renamed to amarr citizen 8898989820920 (not the real char name) because they where not in use. so yes, they did purge unused names / accounts that where not used, i think it was trial accounts only, might be wrong, if you want to know more you can hit up google.

what about those that create chars to look like another and try to make the name look the same. what about history in game?

how would you handle players that have passed away? should those names be reused also?

there is so many reasons why this isn’t in the game.

(Solstice Projekt) #38

For accuracy: It was names of chars which never subbed and it was a one time thing.

(Dirty Camper) #39

Renaming your character would destroy the whole point of a sandbox , were your actions are part of history , renaming for example „the judge“ would allow him to scam co2 again , while co2 wouldn’t recruit them again

(Cypherous) #40

They get held for as long as i have paid for it, and users have paid for their names in EVE on those older accounts, hence they own it until they no longer want it at which point they can biomass and free up the name

Not really the same thing here but there is no convincing you because you’re clearly desperate to try and get a name that someone else has already taken and you’re not actually looking at the whole thing rationally