CCP should add a character rename certifacate

(Cypherous) #41

They actually make far more money with the current system so financially speaking its a worse addition

(Daichi Yamato) #42

No. Who has the time to check previous names when someone warps on grid. You have a split second to figure out if he has a history of dropping cyno’s, calling in friends, using bling fits and popping boosters etc.

And how does checking the history on every name work without being a PITA?

(March rabbit) #43

As long as characters are tradeable name does not really matters. Character in local you know as scammer might be already sold to another person (who can have no ideas about shenanigans of previous owner). Or not.

(Sovereign - Citizen) #44

You didn’t read my OP. Stay in school.

(Nana Skalski) #45

So give us at least new hats and head jevelery if name change is out of question.

Look at people portraits on twitter, add some crowns, officer caps, there is lot of that around the world.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #46

They purged old trial account names at some point but if it was ever a paid account it’s still there.

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #47

thanks for that, wasn’t sure but remembered accounts i used that did have their name reset, still it’s the same in most games, you want a name and you can’t get it because someone else has it already, how do ya think i ended up with 3 x’s on each side on my name :eyes: lol
renaming works in some games, i dont’ think it would work in EVE, that’s just my thougts on it. but yea, thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

edit: after thought, even if i could change it to just TRUST, i wouldn’t :slight_smile:

(Cypherous) #48

I did, and you were already told they did what you asked, you just chose to ignore it despite it being true

Names on paid accounts were not freed up, hence as i stated, they have paid for their names, i mean maybe i’m not the one who should “stay in school” :wink:

(Sovereign - Citizen) #49

So, if someone spent $15.00 in 2003 for one month and then quit…they bought that name forever? Do you know how stupid that concept is?

(Cypherous) #50

And why exactly do you think its stupid? first come first served, the only reason you’re this upset is because there is clearly a name you want but is already taken, so instead of being mature about it and realising that you were late to the party like an adult, you instead whine for change in the extremely unlikely event that you can attempt to get the name you want

So yes, they spent money and claimed that name, they get to keep it, i don’t see a valid reason to take that away from them in the least, you’ve yet to actually provide a valid reason why you think it should be taken away from them when they have completed all the required steps to claim ownership of it

(Mala Zvitorepka) #51

Lol @ reputation argument. 99.9%+ of the players have essentially NO reputation beyond their closest circle. Quick, name leader of the U’K, the oldest alliance in the game. Can’t without looking, eh?
Even a somewhat notorious player, disappearing for a month or two and popping up in some other part of space, will be a complete no-name to people there. Besides, there is a corp history, which could easily include character rename history and character sale history if you wanted to know that the player X was actually the big bad scammer Y or that W belonged to some other player in the past.
Sure, there are very famous players known to all, some even to non-players. Name change for them would be a problem - but this is limited to a handful of players.

The better argument would be that the server code couldn’t handle that without modifications + low priority to change this => feature set to be implemented “never”.

(Daichi Yamato) #52

You’ve missed the point completely.

What’s useful name to remember to you (the leader of ushrakahn) is different to useful name to remember for me.

You may not know who tikktokk tokkzikk is. But if you occasionally dip your toe in the same lowsec areas as him, it’s useful to recognise him before you start a fight on account of how he fits his ships.

Same goes for locals that have a tendency to use bait tackle, or honour 1v1’s. Or people that have gotten a reputation for being a scammer/theif/awoxer.

Yeah, reputation is a thing. You just aren’t playing in a way that it matters.

(Jint Hikaru) #53

Why don’t you just the extra character to the name then? Rather than having CCP go back into the historic database and update all the older names. If you are OK with dumping a different character on someone’s already created character name, then you should be happy with using it yourself.

Just create ‘Enigma II’ or something.

Also: name change is a terribad idea,

(Uriel the Flame) #54

Enigma is supposed to be such a great name to warrant so many tears over it? :sweat_smile: Sounds like a batman villain from comic books or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

If this was some superhero MMO it would make perfect sense but even then would feel getting all triggered about its ownership an overreaction, but in EVE it doesn’t seem that special of a name nor fitting the theme much if any at all imo.

(Salt Foambreaker) #55

This was true a long time ago but now with skill injectors and char transfers it is not at all true.

Also there is no reason why the interaction history would have to be dumped just because a name was changed.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #56

while I do agree with you in principle I also know that it will never happen. the main reason it will never happen, is because ccp makes a hell of a lot more money from people extracting and injecting to get a new name than they could ever make from a name change. If they ever did decide to add it, they would either be loosing a hell of a lot of money every time someone does it. or it would be priced so ludicrously high that people would throw a fit.

(Salt Foambreaker) #57

Clearly you have never done this. Extracting and injecting ends up losing a lot of SP, especially for an established character. I seriously doubt anyone would want to go from 60k sp to 40k something sp just for a name change.

Even if the extractors were free.

(Sovereign - Citizen) #58

I am the one that knocks.

(Scanner Strange) #59

If the name you want is taken, figure out a variation that will work.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #60

Actually I did do exactly this when I came back to the game. Went from 50m sp down to 30m. But it’s better than starting from scratch, and I got more isk out of it than I could have sold my old character for.