Double name

hey ccp what ya doing? i thought, every eve name should be unique? if i had to speculate my guess is on your name comparison algorith having a hickup.
you wanna wait until more intelligent players than me find out, how to reproduce and suddenly we have two themittani players?

the charactername in question is Ranen

probably next time a function breaks you shouldnt return void or null but a reasonable error message

Biomassed (deleted) characters are not removed from the database, they are moved to the doomheim corporation. The one on the left is an active character while the one on the right is a biomassed character.

Perhaps instead of guesswork and coming to wrong conclusions in the future try to be more open minded, maybe instead of wrong accusations simply ask a question like “Is this an error?” or such.

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didnt know about the doomheim corp, didnt know about names getting available again, once biomassed.

there is nothing else for me than “guesswork”, i have no access to any other data than what i see in the character description and the fact that both characters where created withing the same month strongly suggests, that the name-availability-routine fell on the floor.

being open minded but avoiding to come to wrong conclusions is a contradiction. my post is a “is this an error?” post.

btw. the reason i stumbled across this was a very strange chat bug when i copied the players name and tried to autolink it. my conclusions were - even if wrong - all reasonable.

thank you for your contribution. case closed

Glad to help.

Instead of asking if this is a bug and waiting for confirmation you already came to a conclusion in your OP. That is what I referred to not being open minded. Maybe not what you meant to say not sure but that is what you wrote.

Btw the reason for names becoming available might be so you or others can reuse the same name and as once the character is deleted (enters doomheim) there is no reason to limit the use any further. If someone makes a mistake or wants to start over with the same character they can just biomass and do so. If a character has been biomassed it would be very restrictive (over time many names might become unusable) if people couldn’t reuse biomassed names.

Also besides character name every character has a unique identifier so even with the same name the database will not confuse two characters. See your example characters below:

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