A Point of Clarification for ISD Buldath 🛡

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I should have grabbed that screen faster: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/ccps-continuing-indifference-to-sexism-and-mysogniny/62235/6?u=grand_design

You just deleted an important part of it. The fact is that my OP was asking the “community” what they thought about those names. It’s not a violation to post another players name in the forums. Deleting every little thing that you don’t agree with is hardly a fair way to do your job.


I don’t think I’m even allowed to say whether or not I filed a ticket. Do you guys really want to be know for denying free speech at every turn?

CCP’s Continuing Indifference to Sexism and Mysogniny, 2
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Continuing the discussion from :ribbon: Should These Character Names be Allowed? :ribbon::

So, you’re telling me that I would have to go through thousands of names and submit a ticket for each? How about we just change the standard?

On one hand, you’re telling me to HTFU and on the other, you won’t let me express my opinion.

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I totally agree with you here @Grand_Design.

I also wonder about the way that they seem to immediately suppress any discussion which highlights anything which casts CCP in an unfavourable light, rather than acknowledging the concern and responding to it in a positive, learning-based way and making changes to improve things in the long run.

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Ah, the ol’ mah free speech appeal…well alrighty then.

Free speech does not apply to private property controlled by an entity not the (U.S.) government, sorry.

Now would you guys stop with the emotionally-based freakouts that compel me to defend CCP? It’s making me feel strange. (and won’t somebody think of the children?)

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Brilliant @Grand_Design. I love it when people are caught out by stuff like this. LOL

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Forum activity has slowed to a trickle. If the forums were an old man, they would wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

It looks awful, it goes by its own set of rules having nothing to do with the game, and from what I’m hearing, is moderated by real hall-monitor types. The same kinda people who would become police, if only they were more athletic.

I agree with you dude, these forums SUCK. I would like to add they don’t represent Eve Online. These forums belong to some free-to-play iPhone MMO, not a gaming institution like Eve Online. I mean this ■■■■ is a downgrade, yo!

One year later, I’m seriously unimpressed.

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To the OP and his sock puppet alt… doesn’t it get tiring having to log in to alt, post, log out, log in to main, post, log out, rinse repeat? I’m impressed that you can keep it up. I would have bored of it a long time ago.

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Thanks. They did say “with a view to relaxing things and promoting more open and liberal discussion”.

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Hm…you quote a post wherein CCP states that they’ve condensed 36 rules into 9. Yet you still manage to violate one of those 9 (discussion of moderation).


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Did I discuss moderation? I must have slept through that part. I haven’t repeated anything that wasn’t openly posted here.

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Are you serious?

Basically your entire opening post in this thread is a questioning of Buldath’s decision to mess with the other thread, and their methods of doing so. What is that if not textbook “discussion of moderation”?

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You’re delusional. I quoted him.

Anyway, more from the “New Forums” Post:

“In addition to this, we’re looking to shift the role of our volunteer moderators from acting more as enforcers of the rules to being ambassadors to the community who can assist with responses to questions and issues, as well as providing a channel for feedback to CCP on common problems.”

↑ That’s not happening ↑

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This thread is going places. Not good places, bur places.

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Is that a cold reference?

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Stop reopening these topics. If you have aproblem with a member of isd handling the forums, file a ticket under community. My actions will be reviewed by a member of ccp staff.


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