A hard look at our community

Today I was greeted in a NPC starter corporation by a character with a lascivious name. It prompted me to do a rudimentary search of basic NSFW on the People and Places tab. I was amazed to find a menagerie of characters with names that are repulsive to say the least. Even more troubling is the lack of attention CCP has on such matters. There are characters in the game with severely derogatory and sexually explicit names.

It is time CCP implements a naming filtration tool to remove all the unnecessary filth in the game. EVE has to be a place where a parent can at least with some confidence be able to show a child parts of the game without worry of children being exposed to derogatory and explicit names. Chat channels are one thing no one should touch, but name creation is a whole different story. It shows the malice the player behind the character has towards his and her fellow capsuleer and EVE as a whole.



“Think of the children!”


I see your point of views and raise you this, its CCPs job to police their game. By pointing out the system wide failure of not having naming convention at least I provide CCP the option of considering such an implementation to remedy the problem.

It is one thing to behave like a petulant child in a chat room vs having a permanent label on you that is objectively unacceptable. If you want to be a comedian, use the chat channels themselves to spread your “humor.” EVE has one of the most relaxed TOS that allows you to throw shade at each other within reason.

I ask you, what gain does anyone get by allowing people to name their characters after sexual acts?

“Freedom of speech/expression” perhaps?

Nothing. It isn’t allow and is against the rules.

Report it and move on. At best you can blame CCP for not being proactive enough but they will act on your report and delete the name.

I mean, you do have to have some sympathy for them. There are a lot of inappropriate names and variants, and in many languages too. It would be hard to predict all the inappropriate names people can come up with.

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“Most ignorant of what he’s most assur’d— His glassy essence—like an angry ape. Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven.” - William Shakespeare

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Hence why I’m pleading for a naming filter to be generated to at least prevent the most obvious and damaging people from abusing the system.

That seems very difficult. I am sure there is a basic one, but to make one that covers every term and that is resistant to people evading it with spelling variations is tough.

I’d worry about something else.

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There was some guy on here last year complaining that some of the Eve ships looked too much like genetalia. Quality ship posting, for sure.


It shows the malice the player behind the character has towards his and her fellow capsuleer and EVE as a whole.

Yep, welcome to EVE. We all hate each other, now GTFO and go back to WoW. But perhaps you should consider why, in a game full of violence and scamming and assorted other evils you’re so upset by “bad” words? Maybe the problem here is your prudishness and failure as a parent, not the fact that someone made a sexual joke?


A filter needs to be comprehensive and updated in every language.

I’m sure you’d understand the problem if you started writing down a list of all the problem words and all possible combinations they can come in.

Eve is for (T)eens as well by the way. It’s not for young children.

Report the name. Job done.

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Perhaps clean your own room before attacking the person behind the character. I am fine with violence and people being vile in the chat room. I am not fine with people having the ability by omision of a filter to name themselves obscenities.

People across the world have different cultures and different views and creed which ascribe acceptable or agreeable behavior. The game devs allow us to be filthy to each other in the chats and that is fine. Character names should not be allowed to be obscene. There are varied litmus test that gauge whether something falls in the spectrum of “acceptable”.

Yep, that is one of the technical things about filters. I am sure the smart people at CCP can figure something out.

As a whole before posting knee jerk replies ask yourselves why you get triggered when someone asks a company to clean up the filth the community generates. Ask your selves why are you so adverse to a cleaner better game.


As others have pointed out, filtering out names/slang that are/were offensive would be a herculean task. Imo far beyond the capabilities of CCP, as “offensive” is often defined by one’s cultural upbringing, exposure to other cultures, etc.

The recommended response is to report them to CCP; and CCP does take action, i.e. all the characters running around with “Galente Citizen #…” are visible evidence of CCP’s actions.

However, as you feel strongly about this, there is an ingame solution, too. It is a solution most players won’t avail themselves of; but it is there. You can wardec them, or “boom” their structures if you know which structures are used by them, or you can gank them.

I have done both. I have an alt corp which war decs corps who own…what I consider… offensively named structures, and I have alts that gank offensively named characters.

I also, always, let people know why I war decced them and/or ganked them.

Social opprobrium via ganking and war decs is a very viable option for a player to take.

I have learned that what is offensive to one player may not be offensive to another, simply due to cultural “upbringing”. So, I have had to examine my own limitations in “outlook” as not everyone shares the same view as to “offensive” especially when you take into consideration “context”.

This is a very thorny issue, considering one must take into consideration the game is played globally and cultural standards vary wildly.


I think if you just report the name and CCP finds it to be bad enough, the players name becomes something like ‘Gallente Citizen 34252345’

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This is a harsh game. If your culture finds the game insulting, I would suggest you either adapt like the rest of us or find a game that does not offend you. Best of luck either way! :sunglasses:

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Why do you care so much about character names? Why is obscenity ok in local chat but not in a character name?

There are varied litmus test that gauge whether something falls in the spectrum of “acceptable”.

And the best test is “grow a thicker skin, stop being a fragile snowflake, and deal with it”.

It’s not.

That’s why you report it.

Is a terrible attempt at a strawman. You should know better than this.