Profanity Filter

I feel this is self explanatory. We need a filter for rude language or names in chat channels.

Do we? This is EVE, a ruthless, dark, sinister, evil game. If you feel like your fragile skin is being attacked by other people’s chatting, you can report them.


The use swear words is not necessary to engage in any form of play. ( even antisocial playstyles )

I am not referring to personal attacks. I am speaking of everyday use of coarse language or character names that can become tiresome to see.

I don’t see them as tiresome. It’s the nature of the game. You can use the existing chat word filter feature to mask them if they bother you.

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The chat word filter doesn’t apply to names, or words that have 1 letter missing. I see this too often.

Profanity filters would not work with intentionally jumbled words either. I mean, I can write “shytee” and this forum’s filter doesn’t recognize it as the term it actually is. :person_shrugging:

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EA and Ubisoft have implemented extremely rigourous filters. We need this in eve.

Please refrain from using curse words in our discussion. Thank you.

The last thing we need in EVE are products and features from EA and Ubisoft. Letting EA personnel into CCP has already caused more than enough damage.

:innocent: It’s not a curse word because the system didn’t recognize it as such. :innocent:

I hope your remark was meant as a joke. If you can’t even take a swear word in an illustrating example, you clearly have other issues that go way beyond this aspect.


These are very successful companies with very popular games, so perhaps by implementing features like the one i have suggested Eve would attract more players.

You’re fooling no one. Even more proof that a comprehensive filter is needed in game and out.

I have an “issue” with uncouth behaviour. It is clear to me that steps need to be taken.

You can take these steps already without bothering other people.

The only things these companies are successful at is alienating their player bases with cash-grabs, shallow gameplay, bad development quality and shutting down services.


right click block my dude
oh and go to Overview Settings and disable Neutral pilots


Dear OP,

I have read your request for a feature to employ the use of censorship to alleviate the problem of the use of coarse language in furtherance of the goals of enriching CCP games via the retention of new players and encouraging their conversion into paying customers.

While it is perhaps a noble idea coming from positive intentions, it demonstrates an abject lack of personal responsibility, a severe absence of critical thought, a disdainful attitude towards equals, an entitled notion of the self, a delusional thought around economics, an embellishment of importance on the textual over the subtext, an ignorance over contemporaneous controls over communications already provided, a glimmer of impudence towards one’s peers, and reflects an absence of internal mental fortitude by those who share this desire. I of course am not levying accusations upon specific people, merely observing the characteristic qualities associated with a particular belief system.

All of this raises the question of „why“ when civil language can also suffice in delivering harsh blows. Shall we begin by censoring the prior paragraph?

I have a humble request of my own and it is for the players of Eve Online to improve themselves in order to endure the hardships the universe indiscriminately causes, as a sign of accepting the universe as it is and not how they wish it were.

Kind Regards,
Lo Koval


I wouldn’t mind something that could auto-block any pilot sending a message containing a referral link.

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If you see a pilot name that is “offensive” you can report it to ccp

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I see. Thank you for being more helpful than the more unimaginative people in this thread. Simply send a support ticket with evidence of the offending character’s name?


Hit F12 inside the game client, click on the “Get Help” button under “Customer Service”. A browser window opens where you can select various problems with the game. Choose “EULA, ToS” section, subsection “Harassment and offensive behaviour”. There you will find the following part:

Just do that if you think an accountname fits the requirements lined out there.

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Late to the train and OP probably left already but he should probably not play 99% of multiplayer games if he wants to avoid profanity.

Would especially recommend avoiding Dota 2 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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