Chat Word Filters Issue

So originally I posted this on Reddit and people trolled and harassed me, insulted me, treated me like ■■■■. Someone told me that CCP pays more attention to the reddit so I thought it’d get seen faster but all it did was show me that the reddit is the most toxic group of people in the entire game.

So what you see here, is the fact that the chat filter pings you every time your words appear inside other words. This is bad usage of the chat word filter system. Please note that I was simply annoyed about being pinged constantly when I spoke at that moment. We had a few jokes to say about the system after that screenshot was taken.

The reddit post I tried to explain that the chat filter system is broken but people decided to call me retard, dipshit, moron. Most of them because the filter system “shouldn’t be used”, several because “You used it wrong” (which I didn’t). Several because I chose a bad name (which is my name online, not some random ■■■■■■■■ I came up with). Several people even told me to biomass and choose a better name. I will report anyone who continues that disgraceful behavior here.

The chat filter deletes all spaces at the beginning or end of a word. This prevents me from making it so my name is only pinged when used. I tried;

Vas,Vadum, Vas ,Vas , Vas

But it just gets compressed to;


I qualify this as an issue/bug, because this causes every time your name is mentioned inside of another word to also ping you when its not even related to you. I do have a bug fix however for CCP to consider that will fix this whole mess. Simply add the use of wildcards to your chat filter. Use * as the wildcard, and use \ to cancel a wildcard. E.G. If I want to be pinged when someone says *Vas, I use \ * to cancel the wildcard and check that character. (Had to put a space in there to make the \ appear)

The new system would then use whole words only, unless there is a wildcard. “Vas” would only be highlighted and ping me if there is no other characters on either side of the word. If I used “Vas*”, then I would be pinged every time a word begins in Vas, like Vast or Vaseline. If I used *Vas*, then I would be pinged in every instance where Vas appears inside a word, like Invasion. The new filter for all of that would look something like this;


I wouldn’t use it like that of course, because I don’t need to be pinged for every time a word appears inside a word. But thats just an example of how you’d be able to set a filter to detect whole words, and partial words with wildcards.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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