Mature Language Filter

(Beatriz Cesaille) #1

Another thing missing on EVE, we wouldn’t need this if people knew how to behave, but sadly they don’t sometimes, and not a good thing to block because of temporary bad words overuse and unblock later once they calm down.

About people intentionally offending others for fun/attention, would be nice if we didn’t have to read those words even thou we can block them.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

I don’t have the game open right now, but on the chat window there is a little cog somewhere on the top left for options, you can set some settings on your chat, Including words that you wish to censor and words that you wish to highlight, for example, your name, it will show as green if they do not make it a link.

Some of those little things you really only find out if you click every little icon out of curiosity lol

(Beatriz Cesaille) #3

Set World Filters found it, but still shouldn’t be the players to have to set a long dictionary since kids these days have a long and “urban” dictionary/vocabulary/new words everyday when it comes to offend people.

Nobody got time to build a list of bad words it’s easier to just permanent block, which i’m avoiding to use.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #4

You are already playing a spreadsheet game, pretty sure the time you have sitting idly on a gate or on Jita doing market pvp is enough to put there a few words.

While I agree that words should be censored, I want to believe its CCP recognising that the majority of the playerbase is old enough to deal with that, heck if you are in Youtube the stuff you see in the comment section is already terrible enough and it remains there without any sort of censorship until someone bothers to click Report.

I also think that changing to suddenly block bad words would anger many, Many people, that would not want to see tiny stars over their words, specially the roleplayers. As CCP states, only the Rookie Help chat is moderated, outside of that you are in the wilderness.

Also, if you feel like someone is intentionally harassing someone verbally, I think there is actually a category when you submit a ticket to the GMs, that should teach those naughty boys some manners.

(Ptraci) #5

The right to offend is more important than the right to not be offended – Rowan Atkinson

(Sonya Corvinus) #6

Who gets to decide which words should be blocked for everyone?

(Beatriz Cesaille) #7

CCP by picking the most “common” words, and the player decides if he wants to activate the filter or not on options.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #8

That ain’t happening anytime soon. Those ‘common’ words are norm nowadays and almost no one cares when someone says them. Immature people think its funny to say them just because they are allowed to say them, so noticing when someone does Not say them it means its a pretty decent guy to avoid cursing even when something bad happens to him.

(Beatriz Cesaille) #9

I dont see any problem with it, for example:

With option on: it will show as “F***” or “****” on my screen.
And someone who doesn’t want to to use it will show “FU**”(you know the other 2 letters) on their screen.

(Akrasjel Lanate) #10

CCP has more important things to do than some filter so that one won’t get offended… if one wants decrease such possibility he should stop using the internet.

(Beatriz Cesaille) #11

Sorry, I didn’t know you speak for CCP now.

Stop using the internet… guess this is the time when things start to get pathetic with dumb suggestions, anyway, left my suggestion here as the forum allows to.

It’s their call now.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #12

I mean, in @Akrasjel_Lanate defence, the game is around 14 years old, you’d think that if it was a big deal they would have done it in a looooong time by now, which further strengthens the idea that CCP has more to worry about. At least they made it as an Option, those who want to censor words can do so, those who don’t want to censor are free to read as much profanity as they want, this way everybody is happy.

(Beatriz Cesaille) #13

You know, the option is already implemented it just needs to have some specific dictionary included in it, nothing more… Instead of the player has to add every single word in it, so I don’t understand the drama here.

But hey if the drama is because of the suggestion of a dictionary included, then lol.
It would be nice also an option to turn on and off the if it had an dictionary in it.

Btw this is Player Features & Ideas section where a specific player leaves his suggestion not a other player drama out of a specific player suggestion, if I wanted a long debate/drama I would have open this topic on General Discussion.

When someone suggest his idea he isn’t exactly looking for other players approval, even thou an healthy debate out of it doesn’t hurt anyone, but drama, speaking for CCP and pathetic suggestions would be nice if they could be avoided.

(Ptraci) #14

Sorry I didn’t know you speak for CCP either. No need to be snide.

(Beatriz Cesaille) #15

Can you quote me where I spoke for CCP?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #16

Nobody is causing any drama in my eyes, if anything you are the one pointing out people for “speaking for CCP”, we are simply debating that such option to filter words is already ingame, besides, your OP was quiiiite unclear as to what “feature and idea” you were trying to suggest, you only implied that “would be nice if we didn’t have to read those words” which lead to a friendly discussion of the feature already ingame, and how you dislike the effort of inputting a few words to it, which could have been done by now with the effort that you are doing in claiming that this is drama.

Here is an idea, make it more clear we can filter the words we want, a fair number of people have a hard time finding it.

(Beatriz Cesaille) #17

My Second post,

(Arcanith Lionheart) #18

But then comes the point of “Either ALL are ok, or NONE are ok”, which varies from person to person, anybody nowadays can choose to be insulted by anything, which proofs your point of the urban dictionary kids have, because people get insulted by them.

And again, if you hear it, just type it in the filter, I highly doubt people will say every single word that can be minimally offensive found in today’s dictionary. It was CCP’s decision to give you freedom of whether or not you enjoy looking at specific words, besides, don’t kids nowadays twist and shorten words to say them and get past the filter anyway? I think it’s much better in our hands to write down what we do not want to see, because like I stated before, many curse words are normal in today’s standards.

And about how you consider easy to permanent block, yeah sure, it is easier, just one push of a button, less than one second right? Compared to spending two to three seconds to type down a word in the filter list it’s quite the improvement. See, the hard part is making the spreadsheet, once its done, the tweaks are simple as that.

Now, if you were to say “Along with the customised filter that players have there should be a default censorship on the Options menu for the most common and frequently used profanity”, yeah sure, that would actually avoid much of the debate that happened here since it is an option and its there for those who want it and does not hinder the freedom others have with the custom filter.

(yellow parasol) #19

Words do not harm you. If your feelings can’t deal with perfectly normal, human emotional reality, the way forward isn’t to block it from yours. it’s to learn how to be a mature human being, by understanding wtf is actually causing you the problems, instead of blaming the outside world for what is your lack of maturity.

The root for your feelings about words is you, not everyone else.

This thread is just sad.

(Beatriz Cesaille) #20

Well the idea of dictionary on a mature filter like few other games have it, it’s to avoid reading depressing behaviour/trash talking/intentional immaturity and offences instead of doing what other people are doing like having a HUGE block list.

I guess both you and me live in society right? Don’t we have laws about this kind of behaviour? But then it’s the internet you say, even thou internet it’s a controlled anarchy a mature filter won’t do anything worse, but hey guess i’m the one that can’t deal with a “perfectly normal human emotional reality” that isn’t also a “mature human being”, blaming others when they are the ones trashtalking and other things INTENTIONALLY, and to look for a better chat quality while playing a game with bad words censored, but then again, this is suggestion section, if you don’t like my suggestion why are you here in first place? It’s not that I’m looking for your opinion, you know.

This topic could have been just the 3 first posts, and yet look at what it become.