CCP Please! Update the word filter in chat so we can block the entire message!

Please CCP, the word filter in chat works great but we really need to be able to block the entire message containing the keywords, not just reduce the content to ***. An option for that would make a huge difference right now.

Specifically “hypernet offer”.

Many thanks.


Well I’m surprised nobody posted a reply in this thread, not even Nicolai Serkanner with his usual ‘No, go away’ post.


I think all content should have at least more than one option available to choose. That use to be a major selling point of Eve, having various options available to choose from. Lately It seems CCP has forgotten that.


@DeMichael_Crimson since @Nicolai_Serkanner is either back in custody or on holiday I’ll assist for the interim

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No, ■■■■ off.

PS: thanks for waking me up.

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Learning Korean might be a good idea if you want to continue with that attitude. Good luck!

I don’t understand what you mean, @Ebbew_Belarc . Would you mind saying? I don’t want to assume what you mean.

I kind of like that hypernet stuff essentially doing a DDOS on local in trade hubs. Makes contract spammers look almost reasonable, oddly. Maybe it will all settle down after a while…nah, why am I fooling myself…lol


I think he may be referring to the recent influx of players from a nation that doesn’t use the Roman alphabet, instead using Hangul which looks pictographic to western eyes, even though it’s not; he may or may not be trying to insinuate something with the reference.

Strangely the current Korean influx is somewhat of a mirror image of the 2011 invasion of the Serenity server by western players, known over on Failheap as Cortez vs Squigglies.

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