Rookie chat should not be forgotten Please CCP! help!

So rookie chat as a concept is great it helped me when I was new, but i feel like CCP has forgotten about it’s importance to new player retention, if a player is having a problem and some dude has copied and pasted a paragraph of typing in russian and is just spamming it for hours so no one can use rookie chat, that is a Problem, It has been a few days since I have seen any ISD on and honestly in the past month I have only seen 1 ISD on and that was ISD Hazard, if this 1 person isn’t online it seems the chat becomes filled with spammers(right now there is a guy spamming gila hypernet sells, which is against rules yet he has been doing it for hours. I’ve seen people spam the n word and laugh saying no one will do anything about it and they are right. Is there anyways to approve more ISDs to make it so we can use rookie chat again, I don’t want this game to not get any new players and die because all new players were bombarded with russian parapgraph spam, n word spam and isk spam on the rookie chat and anytime they ask a question it just flies through the chat with all the spamming. I know Mike Azariah the bus driver well known by the whole eve community even was a guest in one of your patch note youtube shows with the guy that always gets in trouble by the end? Mike Azariah is almost always on and if he became an ISD with others that have applied and maybe just that will help save rookie chat, hell i almost set in an app after seeing all this til mike told me he put in an application and nothing, if mike isn’t approved for ISD then that means CCP must not be adding any new ISDs since there can’t be anyone more qualified than him, please CCP, get us some moderation control on rookie chat.

Hi There,

If there is no ISD around please file a support ticket on the Offending Player. We do keep track of trouble makers in the Help channels.

Hope this helps,


like i said, he DID apply to become ISD and no response, if the most known rookie helper in the game doesn’t get approved i feel like they just aren’t taking anymore.

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