Player Retention - Discord Server for Eve Online

I just pretended to be a new player for 2 days and tried to get into the game and have a suggestion. i TYPED more in the rookie chat finding about the game than I did in my 4 years of college. It is tedious to say the least. Most players don’t have the time or patience to type so much to find out how to play the game and every time I had a question someone would link a Eve Uni web page or something that has 10 more pages on how to! I also have to go through few hundreds pages to find out about ships fitting market careers.
I mean gen Y people don’t have that much patience or time in my mind.
All the time I was asking is there a voice chat like discord or some thing for this game to ask question and everyone say may be, but we don’t know.

My Suggestion: Please create a Discord Server for the game and make your ISD or helpers in rookie chat link it when people have questions. people learn a lot talking to each other. Talking to other people is easier and has stronger impact than typing hundreds or pages in rookie chat.

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This would require more personnel than services like 112 or 911.


You actually think CCP has enough ISD’s to chat with thousands of new players every single day? There is not a single question that you could ever have about EVE that there isn’t a YouTube tutorial video for. YouTube and Google are your friend. I’m always in Rookie Help, but I only help those who are willing to help themselves…


Yes i am sure there the more ISD’s and Volunteers than that number in rookie channel. There are so many people in rookie channel in all time zones when i posted questions

Also imagine the trolling of those pretenting to be new players like OP.


One is text chat , another thing is being able to voice chat.

There are 20k players at max paying for this game around the world and if you are getting a new player who is willing to pay the subscription. CCP can just run the Discord with volunteers they don’t need to spend other than for a Discord server and if we are getting new player into the game that are willing to pay the subscription they deserve it.

Oh, so that way we’ll have to do the work of CCP while they just cash in , thanks , but no thanks.

What do you think. I believe Voice chat solves questions faster and has more impact on the player than text chat.

Here’s an idea for a new feature. Whenever a new player skips the tutorial and then asks for help in Rookie Chat, EVE automatically shuts down and starts uninstalling…


You still don’t understand , there’'s a large majority from rookie help , including ISDs that because of various reasons can’t do voice chat … not to mention the amount of personel needed…
Also , you say Discord , it simply can’t handle that amount of players in voice chat .

Look we all love or hate this game. I just believe getting new players will keep this game better and alive.

That is correct, but your sugestion is techinally not possible.

I believe all problems have solutions, it just a hurdle.

And then we get to listen to the new generation of gamers whine about how far ahead of them the veteran players are, and how it’s not fair, etc…

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I’d rather spend a month in hell , that one hour in a voice rookie chat of Eve Online.


I understand what you mean. This game is for people with patience and time. So it doesn’t apply to a lot of Gen Y gamer’s. CCP cant afford to lose the people that try. I just want CCP make it less painful.

OP, I’m not going to say your idea is perfect; but, I agree voice chat is, at times, a much better option than typing.

When I started EVE supported an ingame voice chat. All of my initial “group” experiences came about because of that immediate voice chat option. My first roam, heck my first half-dozen roams all came about because of the ease of the ingame voice chat.

CCP discontinued support for voice chat sometime later. I think it was a mistake on their part.

An ingame voice option made learning this game much easier. It also was an immediate option. You didn’t have to join a corp or endure a lot of hassle to participate in an impromptu roam. You got an invite and you were off on an adventure.

Look , Eve is a huge immersive , unforgiving universe with a very long and harsh learning curve and belive it or not for most of the players it’s exactly what kept them in the game . That makes it unique among other things compared to other MMOs . It is a niche game , it’s not for every average Joe.

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Seriously though, take 5 seconds and search YouTube or Google for any question you could ever have about EVE. It’s that simple…