Community experiment. Why the attitude?


This isn’t my main by the way.

So, several times over the years as I’ve played this game I’ve noticed something. There is a general snottiness that comes out of a lot of eve players. I can tell that a lot of you never speak to people in person and only communicate online. Normally this doesn’t really even bother me. I’ve come to expect it.

But, what about new players in the help channels? Why do I see people responding to newbie questions with this mega attitude and snottiness? If you are so amazing and wonderful why are you even in the newbie help channel slumming down with us losers? Why aren’t you soaring to the towering heights that only your ambition, power, and general amazingness can achieve?

So as an experiment I am reaching out to the larger community to see how you all respond to this reality. I want to know if eve players cherish this snottiness above growing the community.

A lot of proposals to grow the game involve making it easier which I don’t think any of us really want. If the game was easier it wouldn’t be Eve. I enjoy playing a game that makes others cringe in fear and I think this feeling might even be some of the origin of the snottiness I mentioned.

But what about either knocking off the attitude in newbie channel or expelling players from it who can’t at least try and summon up some politeness for this one tiny application?

What does the community think about enforcing some kind of standard of behavior in the help chat channels? A good voluntary concept might be, “if you can’t politely answer a question then you don’t belong in the channel.”

But voluntary is clearly not working so far. Any time I ask a question in that channel all I get is a volley of attitude and a bigger block list.

Finally, I just want to say I don’t know everything about this game. I’m trying to learn and improve. And the snotty responses I get to basic questions or see others get is filling me with a great deal of wrath.


Then it’s probably you.

Some times there are problematic people but that goes both ways. if “Any time I ask a question in that channel all I get is a volley of attitude” then it’s you.


I don’t agree with that judgement. I wonder if I should supply some chat logs along with this post. I could even redact names. That seems like a lot of work though… for very little gain.


If you’re going to make a post then at least have some facts.

Keep in mind that EVE has essentially been advertised as a hive of scum and villainy for 2 decades now. So it’s naturally going to attract a few malcontents and mannerless folks. Plus. EVE/CCP tolerates some behaviors that would get you banned in most other games, so again, opening the door to folks who you might consider undesirable.

That said, I just popped an alt in, there’s 26,626 players logged in. 42 in Local, with not a word said in 10 minutes. 228 in Corp chat, the only thing there is “Use this link for 1 million skill points!”. 418 in English Help, with the usual chatter. 171 in Rookie Help, mostly chat with a wallet warrior who got a 4.2 billion ISK killmail because he assumed “High sec was safe”. He got some wry comments for that but no abuse (at least not during the 10 minutes I was there).

So going by that sample, you’d think maybe EVE was populated by mutes, spammers, chatters or PvP victims. However all those channels put together make up only 3% of the players online right now.

By their nature, trolls and d-bags are going to be somewhat more visible in a chat, especially a chat where they can mock people. And ISDs will moderate them but they’re not always around and they give 3 warnings etc. Which means the troll just dials it down for a short while until the ISD leaves.

Any time I raise an issue in chat, I just assume in advance that half the replies are going to be smartasses or trolls. But the actual answers generally come along with them.

The folks you’re getting attitude from are a tiny fraction of the playerbase, and any group of 20,000+ people is going to have that sort. Just ignore them, block them, and don’t take it personal. Their behavior reflects far worse on them than their attitude does on you.


Welcome to the internet?

Welcome to the internet?

It’s like this everywhere on the internet.

Welcome to the internet?

Harden up?

There are ALOT of mean people on the internet fyi OP.

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It makes me feel half normal reading that word salad even though most of it is about you and your own judgement on the rest of the Capsuleers on New Eden.

You ate a shy little pilot who will not own up your true self by hiding behind that avatar.

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So far all that mysterious thread complainer holds zero proof of what is said in New Player discussions has anything to really try to help new Capsuleers.

The evidence I am happy to present to support my own judgement of this thread is an attack on the good Capsuleers who try to reach out to new pilots.

I am sure many other Capsuleers can’t compete with the likes of CSM Mike but we can always try to help New Capsuleers


wait, you’re asking the forums?

there’s your problem

edit - reread, sorry you’re having no luck in Newbie Help channel, it was great a decade ago. I recommend joining brave newbies or eve uni for large and generally helpful channels. expect pvp and welcome it, it’s the lifeblood of eve

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It might be a day or so before the permanent forum dwellers stop being dicks and find another thread to pollute with their bad behavior. Then you’ll start getting players posting in here that are willing to have a discussion like normal people do.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Thanks for response. I’ve had some pvp already. Honestly that has been the least of my problems. Poor gankers got it rough when they are solo. I’ve been able to get away with my ventures and probes. I’ve lost a lot more money/ships to npcs.

I’ll check out those channels!


Yeah, I don’t want hassles every day. Just want to play a game. Nice attitude though buddy.

OP don’t wander to supposedly nicer games. I’d have eve usually the nicer of the bunch from what I have seen in my return.

Angel FW chats and discords you could say I am a noob, please help!. And get it. Actual attitude free answers.

Pull that stunt in a retail WOW battleground and the best you are getting is a crap ton of “I have played since vanilla” attitude. And/Or a /afk report kick. And this would even be non-rated. Win or lose doesn’t mean a damned thing.

The odd bit there is wow pvp doesn’t even lose anything on death. Die 20 times…maybe 3 gold in repairs in time.


Ya the internet is pretty mean but I always considered EVE to be a bit better.

Something the tutorial really should show:
Right click a pilot’s name, block

Use it liberally!

I’m still waiting for the promised proof.

I really am not that mad with your thread only feel it could’ve been worded slightly different.

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Read that a certain Space Princess likes to block miners regardless whether they are kind towards new Capsuleers or not. :tiger::tipping_hand_man:

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You mean like not coming on and calling everyone else snotty ?

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Reddit figured out how to do it. Thats why it became the front page of the internet. Sadly like so many companies, the people who built it left or get pushed out, and the current people in charge ruin the product and drive away the good people.

Same thing is happening to EVE online. The poor leadership at CCP reflects onto everything. Good people leave and its like a death spiral.

So before we try and find out how to improve the chat, lets find out how to improve the leadership at CCP?