EVE loosing new players

so it seems, eve for new players is verry … dissapointing so to say. on he otherhand eve is a long term game, people should not expect results without putting work in it.

that is the part i agree with. one has to put in effort to get anything at all in eve.
however, i would like to share my opinion on why eve is terrible for any new player.

first, the newb chat. i did commit the error to ask if its worth to join a corp when new, or not. for those who play eve a long time now the answer is clear, but we ain’t talking about them. so you get a tonn of invites. i rejected them. guess what, i got shot for it. concord is useless, advanced player warps in, takes the one shot one kill, warps out. respect for being mental enough to go after a useless pilot with a useless venture ship. now ain’t that a keeper ? so this is one of the things that makes people quit with ease. the hell needs this ?
but lets … not quit for this reason. venture is cheap and i could not care less about that kinda people.

so then, options. aye, them options you got as a alpha clone to dive into eve universe… you can mine, but you won’t make reasonable amounts. hmmm oh well. mining is okay, it earns a bit of money, you can buy some verry basic stuff but frankly you are at 80% of the max you can reach within an hour or so.
come on. the only ONLY choice you got is the venture. not impressive at all. the ship is impressive for its price, but will not get anyone excited. at least allow some different ships to choose for mining. other ships like haulers do have some choices, some of them being more tanky, others can carry more etc…etc… you get the picture. but alpha miner has no choice than the venture.
okay then you made a few million isk and think its more or less awwwwright, you start to think about trading. as you will most likely be mining in high sec, or have joined a corp that may mine in low sec, but for them you are more of a pain than any gain. you do kinda feeeeel that frustration when any omega account will defacto be better at mining by a large margin, as any other miner ship then the venture is by far superior. and you got no choice remember. okay, so lets try to trade stuff.
ain’t gonna work. you will lack the capital, and you will lack the required ship for a long time. so untill you focus your skills to pilot any hauler, you are stuck at…
yess. the venture. and hauling ore.
wich actualy makes no sense, the venture has a decent ore hold, but its too fragile to get into any reasonable trade route, and absolutely incapable to negotiate low sec on its own. so yeah, you are in corp, why not team up. i tell you why. your venture will only hold back others, and there is nothing to gain from that. so again, you are kinda like a useless 5th wheel.
okay, then go for station trading. weeeeeeeeeellll ain’t gona work as without training the required skills the tax and market fees will eat your profit. you can train those, but it will take a long time and till then you are unable to do anything.

pvp is allso naturally out of order. you might eighter be a punchbag for a few secunds, or… you may start training skills for bigger ships wtich you will not be able to afford to buy, and not be able to afford to loose. even if you grinded up the isk, you still need months of training to be at least not in the way of others in the corp.

so basicly if someone wants to play eve, the best advice is to tell them to not even undock or do anything for at least a half year, just log in everyday and set something in the skill training cue. it literally makes no sense to do otherwise. at least if you want to avoid suffering.
you might buy omega, but then you still got the same limitation, but thistime from lacking skills.

and after a few weeks, new players simply quit. in war time you are absolutely useless, and you can not mine. if you mine within a corp fleet, you just hold back others. and even then you will not make reasonable isk that could make it worthy to play at all.

so can this be solved ?
aye it can be solved. new players need more options than the venture, and there has to be some graduality and upgrades and re.blanaced skill training to get people involved. those who are new should have at least a few roles they could fill, and do something usefull for the corp you join.

even if its marketed as free to play, that can not be any further from the truth. super epxperienced players might find ways to have fun in an alpha account, but the topic is new players. and for them, eve simply offers nothing but a simple chat function.

needs at least 2 more basic industrial ship types. and needs some ships that can be fitted in a way that can benefit a corp.

i’m not a cry baby, i like the guys in the corp. but why is it good for ccp that i can not find any position to fill within any corp, that can benefit that corp in some meaningfull way.

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Gripe gripe gripe.

If the corp you are in is figuratively or literally “leaving you behind” or making you feel like you are “holding them back” or not a benefit to the corp or not providing low level ships for you to lose and learn or basic instruction…then you are in a bad corp and should leave it immediately.

…and yes, you are being a crybaby right now.


EVE only loses new players who are unable to think outside the box. Want to get rich? Go tell your story about how you were killed and lost your precious Venture to Reddit, then sit back and watch as people flood your wallet with ISK. Make sure to dress the story up, maybe add some extras about how you’ve been stressed IRL and thought you’d try EVE to take your mind off things. Add a few spelling mistakes too (like the one in your title) to make yourself seem a little more pitiable.

You can then use all that money to buy yourself some skill injectors.


sorry my bad english
Eve Online is no longer worth playing after the rise in omega price. I am writing this so that no Brazilian falls into this trap. Our country in the situation where it finds itself pay C 55.00 real to have power privileges to actually use the game as it is, or to be able to use the best ships, better mining, Rating, in my view it is not worth it. ? Because the game is extremely difficult to make, the isks are very difficult to achieve even if they are omega, meaning having the privilege after paying the C 55.00. This CR 55.00 is the VIP of the other games that facilitates the gameplay. But in this game does not make much easier, it only lets you use more powerful ships for even so, still, have to farm like crazy. Except for those who are very old in the game, who can make their omega good, if they know the game, but know well. I’ve been playing for years and honestly the game is getting bad. The first thing they did was nerf one of the game’s interceptors. Now they have increased the omega. Good luck to all who will continue playing. This new company is messing around a lot on the game and the prices, I’m sorry for the sincerity.


I personally hope we lose people, it makes plex cheaper for the rest of us ^.^


:frowning: Sorry to see you go, @Urantia_Felix.

I guess I’ll stay in EvE for a little while anyway…so if you have any EvE things you’d give me I’d be grateful.

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Why are you mining anyway, that’s EVE most boring acticity. I made my first money running L1 missions, made some ISK, trying different frigates and pushing the limits of my capabilities trying to use them for L2 missions.

Real loss risk, even if PVE, that was exciting. Then working up for L3 missions, L4, COSMOS sites, scanning anomalies, etc, trying to get new ships, trying up fits. Some industry maybe, why not.

Go in a cheap frig to take a look at the monuments of EVE, I remmeber flying to the EVE Gate with a buddy, that was exciting and terryfing going into Lowsec for the first time.

I don’t know what you are complaining about OP, the game doesn’t limit you (well it does as an Alpha), YOU are limiting yourself.

Get a ship. Undock. Do something risky. Yes, there is risky PVE, especially at low skill.


Eve is Darwinistic at its core. Those that cant learn to survive are swept away and deservedly so.

Those that persist and keep at it are rewarded with a unique game experience


Eve is one big timer at its core. Those that cant wait the timers are swept away, and go play something else.

Those who keep waiting and keep waiting are rewarded with more timers.



hmm … yea Alpha is a free way to play EVE … it has restricktions (in my eyes not enough) but you can do stuff
is YOU cant you are maybe in the the wrong place or you have no idea what EVE is and how EVE works

the new players chat is a nice tool … you dont like it? dont use it … as easy …

you got shot for not acceping an invite to what? a chat? a corp? a duel? what was the invite? of course you get shot in Ashab https://zkillboard.com/kill/75844082/ i could tell you befor

you know there are corp they look for new players … there EVE is to bring new player into game … its what they like …

yea the Venture … i didnt used it very much but its a bood ship … i saw like 20 … 25 ventures mining in a moonbelt some times back … lot of chating in local … looks like they have fun …

the main problem i see is you dont want to pay for something but you want the full fun … you want mining barges or exhumers … or you want an orca or a rorqal in high sec? sorry but you can make a subscription and see if it is better for you or not

but then you need to buy a ton of skill injectors because you dont want to wait until you can use a ship or a weapon or whatever

your char say you are in the game for less then a month … maybe you just dont understand what EVE is … for sure you dont understand how eve works … and for sure you dont understand “how to fix EVE” … its works really fine … there are changes all th time but not in the way you want it …

go and join a corp for new players … guys who really help you … i guess you should play alpha for a month or two and then get a subscription



Ironically that same Darwinism will destroy CCP and Eve, what goes around come around …

You made excellent observation!

Eve is elitist game and have “fun” and “rewards” only for the most dedicated and skillfull players, all others are just punching bags .

  1. You didn’t get shot for rejecting an invitation, you got shot because you were mining in an obvious system in a non tanked ship. The guy who killed you did that several times in the same system.

  2. The venture is overpowered as hell: it gets ■■■■■■■■ bonuses, has a ■■■■■■■■ orehold (5k on a frigate wtf) and gets a ■■■■■■■■ +2 WCS. You wanting MORE doesn’t somehow equate to more fun. Apart from that if you want to make more, put in more effort and do things that require more than just a brain dead zombie.

  3. EVE is a sandbox, that means it’s up to the player to find or create the content, if you want to sit back and be entertained (like in generic roller coaster MMO’s) you’re playing the wrong game. This is ultimately about a lack of effort and knowledge, it’s not up to the game to somehow create that for you, it’s up to you: the player

  4. EVE is not for everyone nor should it be, many people do not like it which is FINE, it’s actually GOOD because if it did try to appeal to everyone that means it’d appeal to no one. The game doesn’t owe you anything nor do its players, it doesn’t HAVE to appeal to you.

  5. lots of people join some newbie friendly group and start doing pvp in their first week, but it does take effort to find those groups (if not much because they advertise a ton) and actually DO it.

Having said all that, every truly new player goes through this phase (I surely did back then), the adjustment is harsh and then it’s all about how you react: fight or flight. Flight means you quit EVE and go back to a hand holding roller coaster MMO (which is fine), fight means you grit your teeth and make this fcker happen.

If anything, learn from this that whatever happens to you was because of your own doing, or lack of doing. If you look at it that way then you learn that you actually DO have control over it all.


And how will CCP earn enough money to cover basic expenses ???
Today is not 2011. and market is full of same and even better games, Rust, Elite Dangerous, Dual Universe, Space Engineers, No man sky …

Not even same or even better. Stop ranting on forum or ISD will come. You don’t enjoy unique gameplay and game idea? It’s ok, eve is not for everyone. But that is no reason to put ■■■■ everywhere about something you don’t understand and don’t want to even try understand.

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I do not want Eve to be the same ■■■■ as the last 5 years, I want Eve to do better and progress. :+1:

Sorry but it looks exactly that. You compare Omegas with skills with Alpha without and this makes Alphas useless:

  • you want skilless mining to be comparable with skilled, else it’s the game fault

  • haulers are “you focus your skills to pilot any hauler” and this is bad for the game

  • you want skills for trading to not be meaningful because you want skilless trader to be almost as efficient as skilled

  • you want pvp to not be affected by skills again

  • and the final: don’t play until you got lvl5 across the board and this is the game fault!

Last part of post is better and talks mainly about some options but general direction of the whole post is wrong and harmful for any new player. Be careful with this mindset.


And we don’t want to get another great product dumbed down to 0 because people want everything in game here, right now. Be OP all the time and ever lose. I think you would like that other idea on forum about putting “god mode” in hisec

This is a part that “old players” do not understand, when someone join Eve it came to be 5th wheel in coorp or punch bag for next 6 month, and will pay for it :

6*15 = 90 $


I started to play in 2008. Even then there were a lot of topics saying “blabla eve is loosing new players blabla bla”. I was wondering what’s the point of creating such topic. You either like what you get and you continue playing or you leave it is simple as that, at least for me.