A couple of thoughts for getting new players in

So we had a chat on another thread, but then the Trolls came out. And the ‘Forum PvP’ crowd? Something like that.


I wrote this:

I had to think about this.

Basically the price of stuff is pretty high. And ticks are pretty low.


After the ‘EVE is hard’ comments consider this: In the real world ( outside, a scary place ) people have less cash to spend. Well, they do in my country anyway.

Rule Number 1 of EVE. If you can’t afford to lose it then don’t undock.


A game that’s so hard you can’t do much…

You need to start raising ticks, NOT nerfing ‘harvesters’ ( like VNI’s & Carriers ). The golden age of PLEX’ing is over.

Content-wise the Abyss etc looks pretty good. With ticks a bit higher that will mean people can afford to undock in stuff that’s a bit shinier.

The key issue I knew of was Baby-seal clubbing. New players getting trounced by older players. So I agree with the need to shake up the Meta.


Jita 4-4 destroyed by the Triglavians. That’ll get some hoarded wealth back into circulation. No warning, just (((( booommm!!! ))))

Also we need a Goonish Civil War. The battle for Null is already lost otherwise. Too big to fail is too big to fail.


Perma-war knackers people out. So I disagree with the anti-crabbing stuff. Crabbing is fun, with the occasional fight you can afford to spice stuff up.

See what I mean?

And… Rule Number 1 is Rule Number 1, as the UK ( my patch ) develops a Public & Private debt issue after 10 yrs of crap wages. The real world is encroaching, & the game needs to adapt to that.

The response I was interested in was this:

To “get gud” you need information.
You’ll either get that the hard way through experience or the easier way through learning in a controlled environment.

Learning how to fly a ship where drones are the main focus of combat, and controlling range appropriately with your afterburner for one example.

Or learning about the different ships and why their shield, armor, and hull values are different, and how that’ll affect your engagement with enemies and when you need to GTFO.

Things you can do in inexpensive frigates.

Much as this is true it’s also a race to the bottom. If you want to fly T1 frigates with a skill queue that takes forever then by all means keep ticks & loot small, but…

What if you want to fly something a bit shinier? We have skill injectors, Pirate Hulls, & T2 Hulls.

If it gets harder to pay for these then whole economies will go into decline.

We need ships blowing up, or no-one buys new stuff, but… If people can’t afford to fly shinies then they might just get bored.

The world has changed since EVE’s initial design. Life is harder now, as people run out of cash to spend. So PLEX’ing is harder.

Evolve or die.

Oh, and please keep any discussion civil.

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I don’t understand what your problem is and you apparently don’t really understand economics. Plus, it seems, you’re rather fixated on people with low thresholds, who are easily manipulated by “shiny things”, which means they’re low quality players.

Can you elaborate?


Just to add.

If Capitals do weak ticks and are easy to kill then that will not just mess up players, but whole Economies. And that is just 1 hull.

You lose your VNI. Can you afford to? Is that now nearly game over?

With life in the real world getting harder, as it is, the “Golden Age of PLEX’ing” won’t be coming back. Make the game too hard and people won’t enjoy it any more.

Just an additional.

With life getting harder in the real world, as it is for many, have they got the time to “get a degree in EVE”?

You can edit your post above. When you want to add something that’s probably better for the structure of your thread.

Well, I have questions about this.

With life getting harder in the real world, as it is for many, do you consider that they should be playing a game that doesn’t make their life easier?

With life getting harder in the real world, do you believe people should be entitled to being able to play a game in a way that makes it obvious they’re only seeking the lowest and shallowest form of entertainment, where they don’t need to put any effort in?

Additionally to the second question: What about all of those who rather not have this game devolve into a more simpler form?

Thanks for answering my questions!

It’s not a simpler form.

With less PLEX bought, due to real world issues, and people working longer hours, who has time for a degree in EVE?

A small simplification ( turning bits of ISK up a bit ) is not a full-on Nerf.

Less ISK flowing is dangerous to Economies.

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Let’s make the nullsector much more interesting. Let’s introduce a space disaster so that every day, in two randomlly selected null system, unexpectedly happen a space disaster that would destroy all the players equipment in those systems.



Dont get me wrong, im all up for making it interesting by letting random environmental things happen and damage stuff thereby forcing players to actively head out to fix it; or even smaller or heavier incursions; but an out right destruction of all elements is silly and not even close to gameplay.

Why are you not answering my questions?
Do you even understand why the price of PLEX shot up recently?

All of those who have the time and will to do so. Just like it always has been.

You’re blatantly unaware that CCP is already trying to market towards farmers, morons and casual players with low thresholds, who treat EVE like a collection of minigames, with all the negative long term consequences introduced with them.

Do you think that’s more desirable than having a game that fills its players with feelings of achievement and satisfaction, compared to plain, shallow fun?

EVE never has been a game of simple entertainment. People are supposed to be working for their ISK. The fact that CCP undermines this long standing principle put us into where we are now … and now is pretty bad.

I don’t know what game you’re playing, but it is far too easy to make ISK in the game, devalueing the whole experience significantly and attracting low quality players.

Also, just so you know … CCP upped the real life costs of subscriptions for several nations. Ironically they did so for many who claim to already struggle with paying.

You’re not thinking this through. For you it’s as simple as “increased income = people buy more = better game” but that’s not at all how this works. When people can afford more, prices will increase more, while at the same time the perceived value of everything decreases.

Thank you for trying, though.


Why not? ■■■■ happens even IRL… null space must be wild frontier when thing happen not sleeping donut…

You’re not thinking this through. For you it’s as simple as “increased income = people buy more = better game” but that’s not at all how this works. When people can afford more, prices will increase more.

And then less ships will be bought.

Back to square 1.

Unless the Loot Fairy is more generous. Then you can find a BPC, build it yourself, and get some content.

As per Nov-Dec last year it was confirmed that player-based systems had failed to see new players stay. The ‘get gud’ meta had failed.

Hence my starting this subject.

Who are the many you’re talking about? I have seen a rise in economic welfare the last few yeras after the crisis of 2008 ended.

I’m based in the UK. Generally speaking wages have only just recovered since 2008, and we also have high personal debt now. Shops are closing all over the place as people look for cheaper options online.

The UK Market is a big target. But… If you can’t afford to play, or haven’t the time to play long enough to do EVE Uni etc, then you’ll go elsewhere.

That’s the clincher in my opinion.

Let’s not go there, as that heads into the Politics stuff.

But yes, the UK Market is running out of cash to spend.

I have no idea what you are even referring to.
Can you explain?

Do you know about what happened in 2013/2014? Most likely you don’t. Back then CCP ripped the new players out of the hands of the old players, introducing an NPE that - in all these years - completely failed to do the job and actually achieved the opposite.

You don’t seem to realize that you’re missing far too much to make any suggestions and for some reason you’re not actually asking any questions in an attempt to improve your situation.

Not only that … you now even acknowledge that your idea isn’t going to work …

… and then kind of not make any sense, but maybe that’s just me and a context barrier of some sort.

Sorry, but you really need to learn more about EVE’s history to understand its present.


If you have rl issues take care of those and come back to the game when you have the time and money.

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If people play another game then you have fewer people to shoot.

If you up ticks a bit then they’ll be able to juggle in some EVE-time more.

The ‘get gud’ meta is a bust.

To not leave this thread like this, here’s something for you, OP. Something that makes you independent of CCP and does not require people to offer suggestions that are going to fall on deaf ears anyway.

Old players used to cause something in new players
that worked very well for binding them into the game:

A shot of Adrenaline.

This thread as well.

Have a nice day.

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if it happens irl then this shouldnt be restricted to null but instead all areas.