Player retention

i think the biggest wall new players face is not being able to jump straight back in a new ship and back out in space after they get blown up. they need to buy and fit all that stuff. its very daunting.

how about giving noobs fully fit frigates destroyers and cruisers, for example, that they can buy with 1 or 2 clicks fully fitted after getting blown up, so they can undock again that day.

make it cheap and cheerfull just to get them undocked. now i realise someone could set up a contract system for this but it isnt noob friendly really. would this be game breaking? maybe give it to noobs for their first month or something.

also walking in stations.


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if they do the tutorials they will have multiple ships


Doing the tutorial, and career agents and paying attention to rookie help on when Magic @Mike_Azariah will be in their neighborhood, they’ll have plenty of ships.

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This is such an Eve thing to say, but, you can always get a free corvette, mine with it until you can buy a proper mining laser, mine some more until you can buy a Venture, mine some more until you can buy a cheap industrial, buy low, sell high…yep. It’s a job.

sure. but its the fitting thats the wall. i understand that without having to fit ships eve would become an arcade game. but make it so that a fitted ship can always beat a noob arcade fit. idont know. i just know that if you didnt have to fly to jita and buy all the modules etc etc … for a noob. not for a player with a hanger of fitted ships.

give noobs a hangar full of civilian fit ships. destroyers and cruisers. just so they can undock again when they get popped without the headache of the fitting window.

Set home in jita, self destruct. What are yout taught ?

when in station, ALT A => character => home station => self destruct makes you immediately go back to jita.

One issue is the free market.

Giving players free stuff means they aren’t getting that stuff from other players. And the other players that are hurt the most by that are low level industry players, the folks that make/sell cheap frigs and mods.

Best way to overcome the obstacles of reshipping is finding an organised corp that can support you in that way. Some kind of industrial wing or sister corp and/or some kind of SRP program.

This is why a corp finding system that better differentiates the ■■■■ corps from good corps is so very important. Or just give us back cheap wardecs :wink:

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I don’t condone buying plex for veteran/advanced players.

I do however advise that new players buy 15 dollar plex package once if they like the game after two weeks.

This will allow them to get into newbro nullsec corps, afford t1 tackle and ewar frigs and loot the field, while gaining real EvE combat experience and advice from panfam/goon/test/brave fcs.

They can then use that knowledge to become low sec pirates or commit to null sec.

High sec mission running (and turbo high sec mining) are actually very dangerous activities, and often times new players will overfit their ships with faction mods (making themselves even shiner targets) then get mad they died and quit the game.

But if they start in null, they’ll quickly pick up on the fact that a ship should only be fit to accomplish its task, and to avoid bling. Thus if they ever go back to high sec, they’ll have had experience being the predator, and know how to avert and avoid the predators (or as a last resort, even fight).

They’ll learn how to haul from catching covert ops and cloakies on gate camps. etc.

All newbros should have a tutorial with CCP sponsored newbro alliances, including general nationality and timezone (if the alliance wishes to identify as a particular ethnic/region/timezone).

If newbros went into null on day 1, new player retention would be very high.

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You did not read the OP’s statement, please re-read it and then respond again to what he actually wrote because he said NOTHING AT ALL ABOUT FREE SHIPS!

…, for example, that they can [ BUY ] with 1 or 2 clicks…

He does go on to say they should be cheap which again isnt free either. Lastly he says that this ability to buy cheap ships could persist for a month or something but again he is referencing what he said and everything he said had a price attached.

Im not really in favor of your idea. I understand its intent because buying and selling things on the market is daunting even for veterans as you often have to fly / ship things all over the place to make up a ship the way you want, especially if you are in a low population area but new players can handle this and should.

The only way I could see this working is like Albion Online’s black market. All the loot in the game comes from a player selling that item to the black market NPC. NPCs could put up buy orders, for say, catalyst hulls, and use those hulls to stock locations within X jumps with these ez-buy ships.

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