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Starting EVE there is a lot to take in, how to play the game, how to fit ships, how to train skills.

I suggest that Fittings and Skill Queues have some very obvious default setups a new player can choose.

The concept being that for a new player, fitting is something you can “optionally customize”, same with the skill tree.

Later they can learn to customize like we do, but not all at once on day one.

To match the “suggested fits” there should be a matching market ability to sell those ships.

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So community fittings with regards to your “suggested fittings”? Weren’t they recently introduced properly on TQ?

Preset Skill Queue Templates Divided By Career Agents Could Be a Brilliant Idea for Retention. And Certainly makes everything a little less overwhelming. Imagine you enjoy running the early tutorial security missions there could be a queue that guides you into a racial destroyer and L2’s ( should it continue towards L3’s or L4’s? Or allow them to take the wheel from there)

And honestly I’d propose it envelope more than just the tutorial agents careers.
Guiding sets for other careers like station trading, Salvage Recovery ( Ninja or otherwise ), Missions, Ratting, Exploration, Mining, Industry, etc. that way they can see how much there is to do and start seeing where some paths overlap.


I’m thinking something more than “Available”, the experience should lead them right into it. @Christopher_Mabata is getting what I mean.

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If I said “Give new players capital ships” this thread would be 1000 posts long by now.

The worst ideas get the most posts :slight_smile:

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