Fitting Creation for New Players

I guess this is more of a complaint. Why is it that, frequently, when a person asks for fitting suggestions for ‘a player new at pvp’ or someone who ‘just got generic cruiser name’ that the replies are filled with tons of tier 2 equipment optimized for someone who has ALL the skills? On the bright side, I am learning much more about fitting and the tools provided to do it well. Today I just learned that there is a way to sort components by what can fit your remaining powergrid and cpu.
Trying to find Vexor pvp fits is what brought this on. But now I think I will start with Tristan or Algos.
Anyway, dear diary, or whatever.


Take the Tech 2 equipment thing with a grain of salt.

See it more as a “goal” rather than an “absolute must have.”

The reason for this is that Tech 2 is a kind of “benchmark” that most veteran players go by. A sort of “this is where people should optimally be” when comparing various fits and making arguments for or against them.

Q: “But Fluffers… why not do this with Tech 1 equipment when making fitting comparisons?”

A: Simple. Very few people stick with Tech 1 equipment for very long. As a player progresses up the skill tree, they invariably find themselves able to use Tech 2 equipment.
T2 equipment is also the “highest level gear” that can be mass produced by players. Beyond T2 lies Faction and Officer stuff… which can often cost more than the ships’ hull itself.

Edit: I will also add that fitting Tech 2 equipment is often harder than fitting most any other kind of module.
A fast and dirty rule is that if you can fit a ship entirely with Tech 2 equipment, almost any other module that you replace the T2 module with WILL fit.


Keep in mind that there is an unspoken understanding that no two players are the same and no two skillsets are the same.
I did not have Tech 2 weapons until the later part of my first year playing EVE. Instead, I focused more on other equipment (as I often ran support) and used certain “named” modules (which, back then, were almost as good as Tech 2 stuff).


When most people link a fit, it’s what they personally use. They don’t necessarily have one with tech-1 modules saved ready to be linked.
What is often forgotten if to say “downgrade the items if you cannot use tech 2”.

New players often get stuck on getting the exact modules on a fit as they don’t know how to read the fits yet.


Try to link the fitting of a ship that you’re not currently flying, and you’ll see why.

To link the ship you’re currently flying, you just drag its name from the fitting screen to the chat box.
To link a different ship, you must first have the fitting saved, and if you thought to save it in the past, then you can open the Fittings Management app, and select it from the list of fittings you’ve saved. And most people don’t bother to save fittings that they don’t use, or used years ago.

And (as mentioned above), you can easily “downgrade” the equipment to the tech level that you can use. Each module’s info page has a “variations” tab where you can see all the other versions of it, from Tech 1 to meta to Tech 2 to Officer drops. Look through, and you’ll see that the naming convention for the variations is logical and intuitive. 125mm rail gun is 125mm rail gun, in all its variations.


The player corporation you are a member of should have a selection of recommended fits - it’s the star icon on the Hulls & Fits tab of the fitting tool.

If they’re a PVP corp they may also publish their doctrines at

You can also search for the ship you’re interested in fitting at

This will show you how the losing ships were fit!

For general theory use Eve University:


I did not know about the star icon thing. Thank you.

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Oh…responses aren’t threaded. Ok. Thanks all! I am getting better at figuring out fits. But it isn’t just a matter of whether I can use the item but also whether I can afford it. Anyways, thanks for the help.

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DId I really find something for Memphis? There must be a mistake on my side…
To share fittings of ships I own but do not fly atm, I right click them in personal items, simulate them and drag’n’drop their name shown in the fitting window into chat.

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Truth is I haven’t played for about a year now, so, yes my info is outdated.

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Of course no offense indended, I admire the qualitiy of your information!

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This is a good way to explain it except instead of “goal”, I think “guide” is a better suited term.

Unfortunately new players are sorely lacking in Core Fitting skills and even with Tech 1 Meta modules they still won’t be able to even come close to duplicating the fit.

I’ve noticed most new players in Corp chat first try to fit the biggest guns they can which severely depletes their PG and CPU leaving them with very little options for defensive mods.

So for them to even remotely resemble the posted fit, they’ll have to add different mods to boost ship stats such as Co-Processor, Power Diagnostic System, etc. Also they have to downsize weapons caliber too until their skills allow them the luxury of duplicating the T2 fit.

I usually have them fit up defensive tank first, then fit offensive mods last, usually with much smaller caliber weapons then what they originally had. Granted they don’t think it’ll work but after running a mission they realize they can stay engaged in NPC combat without needing to warp out for repairs.

By using the T2 fit as a guide and training up Core Fitting skills asap, they can quickly replace those ship support modules, start upgrading their offensive mods and eventually duplicate the T2 fit. By then they usually have a good grasp on how to fit up ships.


Are you famous for some reason or another?

What I find most funny about fitting is that in order to use the equipment that new people can afford, we need the skills of vets. Once you have the skills you can afford to use the less expensive equipment but have the isk to buy the good stuff.
You are right, being able to tank damage and stay on the field is much nicer than having to warp out, repair, warp back.

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I just want to thank you all for your responses. They have all been helpful and appreciated.


I suggest using Osmium to browse different ship fits and when you find one that’s similar to what you’re looking for, use that as a basic starting point in pyfa which can be customized and refined to fit your character’s skill set.

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It’s just learning. Expensively fitted ships also explode within seconds if you don’t know what to do.
The main reason is that Alphas have (had) to rely on meta stuff. This high demand makes these items more expensive than their gain of quality would be worth, and many items Alphas can’t buy obviously have lower demand.
Playing for free can be expensive…

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A big, BIG +1 for spending time with pyfa. The fitting tool, and the fact that its stats and comparison function blows the in-game tool away is great, but what was most important for me was some of the things it taught me about fitting in general.

First, it really helped me appreciate the sometimes very complex trade-offs between different metas of modules and got me thinking in much greater detail about what I was really trying to do with a fit.

Second, and perhaps even more importantly, it helped me learn more about the differences between how something works on paper and how it works in-game. I remember building several fits that looked amazing on paper and were awful to fly. For example, maybe I would add too much tank and wind up with something so slow in my given application that it made me want to claw my eyes out- just because that’s what looked “right” in the simulator.

Ultimately, I think it’s important to gather that knowledge to appreciate that fitting is very nuanced- it’s not just about raw stats, but also about the task at hand, your preferred play style, and how to optimize what you have in a given direction.


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