Devblog: Community Fittings now available in the EVE Online client

Take a look at this dev blog for information about the new Community Fittings feature that has been added to the EVE Online client and how you can contribute!



You could take this a lot further, check out the 2nd reply here: It's Rocket Science!


Glad this is finally happening!

Some fittings are going to be obsoleted and need to be updated, when tier-a-cide starts up again.

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wow one sec here please
“We’re already on the lookout for more submissions, starting with basic PvP fits for tech 1 frigates and fits for T1 destroyers that will be able to tackle the Sisters of EVE epic arc.”
PVP fits for the SoE epic arc? … PVE or PVP ??


Our ISD volunteers will be reviewing existing fits in the tool as well as adding new ones. :slight_smile:


It’s PvP fits for tech 1 frigates as well as PvE fits for destroyers to tackle the SOE epic arc. I’ll make it a bit clearer in the blog. Words are hard. :+1:


I also want to thank CCP for rolling this feature out before the Winter update.

Will - or is - the fittings filter active by default, for new players?

For the sake of newbros, please ditch scanners from venture fits… add more tank (MSE) instead.


It’s a good idea, but the ones you have in right now are… lacking.

For example: the Starter Heron has 1 salvager. The T1 has 2. Of all of the exploration frigs, only the T1 Heron’s got 2. All the rest have empty high slots with plenty of fitting room left over. Even when you add the Starter Venture in (because the Tech 1 Venture has its highs full), they’ve all got plenty of room. The Starter Venture’s the tightest, CPU-wise, with 120 CPU and 12.4 PG left.

And that’s with a fresh, just-out-of-the-box alt, having trained the Racial Frigate 1 + Astrometric Rangefinding 2 (or, in the case of the Starter Magnate, Energy Grid Upgrades 2) that they need to actually fly the fit.

And none of the Starters even have rigs.

You don’t need any skills to use rigs now. There’s no reason to leave them off of ‘starter’ fits.

They’re also trying to do too much. The ‘starter’ and ‘tech 1’ exploration frigates were advertised as exploration frigates to let newbies do explo in high, low, and null… all three. Same with the Starter and T1 Venture fits. Leaving aside the issue of bubbles, these fits are toast if they go into Low/Null. The toughest of them is the T1 Venture, and it’s also the slowest.

If you’re sending new players into low/null to do exploration, give them the ability to run away. The T1 Probe, at least, fits a pair of warp stabs, but it’s gonna blow up as soon as someone locks it.

And what maniac designed that T1 Imicus? A Small ‘Accommodation’ Vestment Reconstructer I? Seriously? you’re putting a small armor repper onto a T1 frigate where the only tank mods area DCU (which means the best resists are in the Hull) and a Mark I Compact Power Diagnostic System. I mean, look, I get that some Gallente ships get a local armor rep bonus… but the Imicus is not one of them.

So you’re keeping it down at 2700m/s (500m/s slower than the Magnate, and 200m/s slower than the Heron. Seriously, this ship is being outrun by the Caldari. That’s embarassing) and killing the capacitor life with that armor repper. It’s only got 22s of cap life with that thing and the MWD running. New pilots are the ones most likely to forget to turn that thing off to rebuild cap.

Get rid of it. Replace the lows with 3 Type-D Nanos, and that Imicus becomes the fastest of those four hulls, and it’s still got just as (much?) tank as the others.

If you really absolutely feel like you need to saddle newbies with that local repper, replace the DCU and PDS with a pair of EANMs. At least then the resists are in the armor… they suck, but they’re in the armor.

But for the love of dog, don’t send new players into lowsec or null in those things. You might as well be chumming the water.


By all means if you feel you have better fits than what are currently in the client please submit them in the Community Fittings forum and they may find their way into the game.


You’re not going to get decent fits if you’re trying to give people ‘one fit does it all’ ships.


Ah. So another EvE area that new players would learn from other players and doing their research taken over by the game. Great…

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This is need so much for morons like me that after 7 years in eve still don´t know how to do a proper damn fitting because im an idiot.

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The community fittings idea isn’t a bad one. New players need to be shown that there’s a way to learn. And having the game give them a step up with some examples and some basic do’s and don’ts is not a bad idea. Getting players talking to one another is always going to be one of the hardest things for the game to do, though. Especially in highsec, where most players tend to not directly engage with the wider community.

And most people are terrible^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h not good at fitting ships.

The question “Does anyone have a fit for [insert ship here]?” is very common.

This is teaching by example

The fitting warning is teaching by rules.

Both are good :slight_smile:


Great feature especially for new players. I am sure it will help them out to fit their ship.

Please dont include fits which include Warp Core Stabilizers :slight_smile:

The venture is broken until CCP give it the ability to fit 3 mining lasers, just like the picture on the launcher was showing shortly after I started playing eve again

Rigs cost more than the ship, I was always discouraged by veterans to not fit smaller stuff with rigs outside of PvP fits.

That’s definitely false advertising to label t1 exploration fits to be suitable for low/null use. Wish CCP would do a better job of messaging and controlling expectations.

When I was in null the number of times someone would fit a X-L shield booster and have about 20 seconds of capacitor and the CEO would say “you’re not cap stable, it will cycle about three times and then you’ll cap out” the response would be “I’ll pulse it”.


New pilots aren’t going to even know the ramifications of loosing 25% of your cap from just fitting a MWD either.

CCP just wanting to keep their awesome player retention rate.

Do you even wonder if the starter ships just aren’t balanced, but nobody cares because they’re “starter” ships people won’t be in for long?

Better yet, join corporation that knows how to fit ships, rather than expecting good fits for free?

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No they don’t.

Heron: 345k
Probe: 291k
Imicus: 255k
Magnate: 370k

2 T1 Gravity Capacitor rigs (The ones they’re slapping on the ‘T1’ fits): 128.8k

Heck, the complete T1 Magnate fit comes in at 877k, only about twice what the base hull costs. The real expense comes in the modules. (Also, the Compact MWD in the Imicus costs 880k on its own).

The trick is, with shields it’s usually an Ancillary… and as long as you’ve got cap boosters in it, it doesn’t use Capacitor at all.

No, they’re not, which is part of why they’re more likely to not think ‘I need to turn off the repper so I can keep running away’.

The T1 scanning ships are pretty well-balanced, in fact. They’re not amazing ships, but they’re just T1 frigates.

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IMO making these suggestions directly available in the fitting window is very helpful to new players- nicely integrated and efficient.


Let’s teach the community how to finally properly fit a maller! thank you.

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