Community Fittings

Greetings tenacious testers!

You may remember that almost 2 years ago we kicked off a project we called Community Fittings where we enlisted the help of the wider EVE community to crowd-source standard ship fittings with the long term goal of making these available to everyone in game.

While we received a ton of great suggestions and discussion surrounding this request, we had to put it aside for some time while we worked on other priorities. However, we’ve recently restarted this project in earnest and today I’m happy announce that the implementation for the in-game side of this it ready for public testing! As always, if you wish to help, head onto the public test server Singularity and get involved!

Community Fittings Filter

On Singularity as of the latest update, you’ll find a new filter in the Hulls & Fits panel of the fitting window, the Community Fittings filter! This will show a limited selection of curated ship fits, primarily aimed at new players. In this current iteration you will find 4 tech I exploration frigates and a tech I Venture fit. Expect this list to be expanded in the future

Please try out this feature, let us know what you think, and submit bug reports for any issues you find.

If you want to suggest fittings that should be included here, or provide feedback for any that are currently included, head on over to the Community Fittings forum!

Thanks and happy testing,

CCP Lebowski on behalf of Team Five 0 and the Community Fittings team


We’re looking to add more fits for when this goes live on TQ. We just opened up fitting suggestion threads for tech 1 fitted destroyers running the Sisters of EVE ’ Blood Stained Stars’ epic arc and tech 1 fitted frigates for PvP.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for these fits. Please head over to the Community Fittings Guidelines & FAQ to find out how to submit your suggested fit.


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