Fitting communities

Used to be we used EFT in the old days and we coulds ubmit and have recommended fittings and things…

Seems like all that has utterly died off and now people just say they use the in game fitting tool. But of course that doesn’t give you any recommendations at all or discussion as to what and why…seems like that’sa big hole?

Is there any forums or anything that people actually actively post recommended fits? Please spare me the sarcastic “go play with modules yourself and figure it out”. Go to Ship setup hanger forum. Some threads are outdated but most will be ok at least on first few pages. Just search whatever ship you want and resurrect the thread with a fit or idea you wish to discuss. Ignore trolls someone will eventually help you out. )))

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I’m not sure how active it is, but there is a fitting-focused subreddit associated with the main EVE subreddit.

I mean by all means post stuff here for discussion…

Failheap was great but its reduced to same 5 guys talking about stuff, 3 of whom don’t play eve anymore.

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