Community Fittings: Where do they come from?


I’m wondering about the process behind the Community Fittings. Is there any way to discuss these fittings? Who decides which fitting will be suggested for the AIR careers?

Background: I’m trying to seed a regional market with all the stuff needed for these fittings. Which can be hard, because some fittings are made with rare meta items. The Amarr Soldier of Fortune for example uses Meta 4 Gatling Pulse Lasers. Even in Jita, the median trade volume of those is only around 40 per day.

They’re made by people who don’t understand fits, ships or newbie skills&income. So that’s pretty much most people, CCP, ISD and all CSM.

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Oh how you are so wrong.

HatelesS made some excellent fittings for the Community.

Off toipic…

It is about Comminity Fittings and not about Community back stabbing!

The facts were wrong and needed to be correct regarding Communuity Fittings and their origin are solid.

New Capsuleers need them and that is what is important.

Thanks for the link! Looks like this was a one-time efford and is no longer maintained.

There are links to the forum to discuss the fittings, but clicking on them only gives a “Page not found”.

What a shame. Just one more thing for new players to wonder about.

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I think there is a link from within the page link above that directs to a Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Though the fittings access is working when inside the game and there are even help channels to discuss other areas regarding skills/isk income etc. within the search feature of this forum or found from CEO corp/alliance advise.

The Community fittings get the job done at a macro level but not at a micro level where then it is up to the capsuleer to look upwards towards CEO Corp/Alliance members for that advise as some ship fit meta is of great importance.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the idea of community fittings. And from what I’ve seen, they provide a solid starting point. It is really helpful for everyone who tries to help newbies that you can point them to these fittings.

But I also think the aspect of availability should not be totally ignored. Sure, Meta 4 might be the best option in terms of performance, before you can use Tech 2. Especially for PvP fits. But is it the right choice if you want to try Faction Warfare for the first time? When even the market in Jita cannot provide enough modules? And it’s so easy to manipulate the market for rare meta stuff.

The comunity fitting would be a guide that continue to involve and updated.

Looking at the Minmatar Rifter there are two that read as if they would be suited for the AIR Program and one looks to be Eve Academy Where new players learn the way of Eve!
That fit for such frigate is titled Minmatar Soldier of Fortune.

(starting off as a new pilot Capsuleer that would be a good start in faction war)

We need to remember that the skill level also plays a role in doing well in faction war and a fitting won’t tell us how well we will do when first starting and that is where Corp/Alliances help.

So you feel they should provide objectively worse fits?

It seems to me they should provide the best reasonable fits and it’s up to the player to ask questions and decide if that fit is for them. If nothing else it provides something to aim for.

As for someone wanting to make a market out of these fits, it’s up to you to decide whether to provide the linked gear, or make your best guess as to what the next-best, more-available gear is that they will end up using and market those.

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i dream about fits and they just appear there
but I’m very baaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd

Well, yes. Why do Meta 0-3 even exist if they are not good enough for a new player. Then it would be best to remove them from the game. Which might be a good idea anyway.

Following that logic it would be best to provide a competitive T2 fit. And let the new player figure out for themselves how to downgrade.

As a new player starting into PvP it is very likely that he/she will lose a dozen fights or more until realizing what is even going on. I would choose to waste affordable fits for the initial learning experience.

For the market aspect: You can believe me or not, but providing that basic stuff is more of a charity than a solid source of income. I could just grind burner missions or whatever and earn a ton more with less efford. Just thought it would be nice for new players to just click “Buy all” on the community fit and be done with it.


my opinion
lets say a pvp frigate fit
if it have guns , web , afterburner , scram , a damage control , some hull rigs , doesn’t matter the meta level
its a solid foundation for a noob to understand what a pvp fit is

AKA a archetypal idea of what is a PVP ship that can be refined latter with more knowledge of the game

i fly only amarr ships but i love to post the double web merlin in new bro topics
because the dual web merlin is SOLID and can be super didactic
ohhh i will waste 4 slots with range control modules instead of putting that mega shield extender that every noob wants

Amarr Victor!


this guy must be a genius :+1:

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This is a very good post for various reasons.

For Eve Online I disagree as this type of thinking with fittings for ships leans strongly towards the MMO-RPG element of gaming where modules become obsolete when new meta is derived.

Eve Online is a sandbox and within limits all modules are equality important where the main goal is a group effort. I do see where Eve is headed and signs are showing who wants to be competitive singly and who wants to win collectivity. The future of pvp in New Eden does point to where you mention why bother with say meter 0-3 when singly wining Faction War requires meta 4 example.

Slipery slope for the next two perhaps 3 years with that focus once more Capsuleers chase that competitive fit.

It will push back more focus towards balancing next.

If you disagree with his post then you don’t understand how things work and what’s important for newbies.

Meta 0-3 exist for a reason in a sandbox.