What a game! Good and Bad

This game is awesome but so hard to learn.

I just bought a new ship and try to fit is but I had to jump 3 times to get the ship launchers, shield booster, etc and then another 7 times to get the ammo.

Then if i try to fit the stuff i cant beause i miss some skills or i dont have enough powergrid. :roll_eyes:
Is this some kid of punishment because i am alpha? Or am I doing something wrong?

You can spent hours trying to get your stuff and then fit to your new ship so you can lose it al in seconds flying around in a low sec system trying to do some exploration.

On the good site i just looted a data site for 5M and currently have 31M available :muscle:.

I know not much compared to the big guys, but hey its mine (until i lose my next ship :grimacing:)


welcome to eve, I recommend fitting skills for your PG issue


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With regard to ship fitting - before you buy things, find the ship tree (I believe it’s still one of the automatically added tabs on the left bar of your screen), right click on the ship you want to buy and hit ‘simulate’.

This will take you to a window where you can drag and drop all different equipment on to your ship and it will tell you if:
a. you are able to use the module at all (warning symbols will flag in the top left if you can’t, mouse over to see what skills you need).
b. you have the CPU and powergrid to fit the modules.

As Mike said, train up the skills that improve your powergrid, CPU and capacitor capacities to maximise what you can fit.

There will be A LOT of trial and error on your part, but ask on here or in the new player chat and people will steer you in the right direction. Most of us are fairly friendly!

One last piece of advice - if someone kills you, message them and ask what you could improve upon to make yourself a harder target. While it said there is never a fair fight in EVE, most are happy to share a few pointers with newer players.

Fly safe o7


Good tip, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Couple of resources for you:

Fly safe o7


Hello forum😀
@Shadow_Gallery Welcome to EVE!
I suggest you first fly to a market hub before buying and fitting a ship.
Get into the Fitting window and simulate the ship you want to fly. Open the Browser in that window by clicking the ratchet icon on the left and click the Hardware tab. Use the button filters for your skills and module types ( High, Mid, Low, Rigs ).
Each type of module will give a bonus which you can see on the right of the Fitting window as the stats turn green if the bonus is positive or red if the module inflicts negative bonus. As you browse for modules ( hovering over each one will show you results on the right ), keep an eye on the stats. Hover your mouse over the stats for info.
Use the Compare tool. A lot of modules are more expensive for only negligible bonus. The Compare tool will help you decide which variant to use for your ship and what you want to do with it.
Once you are into your ship, open the Info window and choose the Attributes tab. On the right are the stats combined with your skills and the ship’s modules. Hover your mouse over each one in green. Note the info as they will change once you train into more skills. The Mastery tab in the Info window can also keep track of what you train for a certain ship’s attributes.
Buy your Skill Books from the Market, some of them are sold for cheaper than the auto-buy which price is from the station/region you’re in.

~Fifie wishes Happy Fitting.

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Fifie makes me smile :wink:

Here’s some skills you (OP) should have a look at:

These are needed for every ship and fitting, so invest some skilling time and enjoy EVE.


Magic 14 all to V will make fitting much easier.

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Thanks but what are the Magic 14?

Welcome to Eve Online,

I strongly recommend the career quests ( all 500 plus of them ), when you go to the school and do career quests most will reward you with ample amounts of ISK and ships. Each school or training center has 45 quests and there are 12 of them spread out across the 4 factions. Some one told me, as I am telling you now, the tasks a very simple and tutorial driven. It is by far the easiest method to learn the ropes.

After you get the knack for this game, you can do a wide variety of jobs for fun. It is not only about blowing up other people’s ships. You can be a miner, people need ore to make new ships, because they just got blown up. You can do delivery, purchase transport contracts to haul freight for other players. Be aware this is dangerous work, you need to avoid gankers ( pirate players ) who will blow you up and hijack your load. You could be an investor who just sits at dock playing the market and producing those ships in your factories. Then sell them to players who need more ships… hmmm, I think this game might be more about blowing up ships more than I thought.

Fly safe and have fun!

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Magic 14 is a skill set.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

WTH is a quest?

We have missions in Eve.

quest [kwest] noun. 1. a pursuit to find or obtain something, to embark upon a task. 2. expedition, hunt, research, or crusade assigned by a contractor.

mission [mish-uhn] noun. a 1. committee of persons sent to a foreign country to conduct negotiations, establish relations, provide scientific and technical assistance, or the like. 2. an important goal or purpose that is accompanied by strong conviction 3. an errand, objective, task, or quest to achieve rewards.

@CowRocket_Void Honestly I am surprised you don’t have a dictionary nearby.

Welcome to Eve. It is a game that rewards patience and planning. Gonna rapid fire some stuff, some of which has already been said.

  1. Market hubs
  2. Fitting Window. Simulate your fit, and save it.
  3. Fitting skills. Not a punishment for alphas, each of us was once without them.
  4. Lowsec systems are higher rewards but higher risk. Use external tools (ex: zKillboard) to peek if there are gatecampers or troublemakers along your planned route.
  5. The game has both „hard skills“ on your character sheet and „soft skills“ in your noggin‘.
  6. Each time you lose a ship, it is also not a punishment. It is an investment opportunity to turn your X million ISK ship into X million ISK worth of knowledge and learning in your noggin‘. A lot of people reject the investment opportunity, and wind up having even more of the same investment opportunities, and get frustrated because they just don’t want to invest in their own noggin‘.
  7. You got a good attitude. Don’t let old farts like me ruin your attitude.
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Thanks man.

Haha, no i wont :grimacing:

I don’t think this is good advice.

The vast majority of ‘magic 14’ skills aren’t fitting skills and the vast majority of fitting skills aren’t part of the magic 14.

If you have trouble fitting and want to solve that with skills, get a few extra levels in the fitting skills instead.

Also the last thing a new player should do is to train the magic 14 all the way to level 5, which takes weeks, months, and is a very long boring train. Having those skills at level 4 is sufficient for a long time and even 3 is fine.

OP, if you’re having trouble fitting, try alternative ‘meta’ versions of your modules with the name ‘compact’ in it, or use some fitting modules or rigs for extra powergrid or CPU. Or another version of the guns.

Fitting your ship in EVE is a nice puzzle that will always make you want more PG, CPU or slots no matter your skills, so it’s nice if you learn to do it now.

Fitting skills that add extrq PG or CPU do open up some more posibilities, so it’s not a bad thing to train.

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You can be limited early on due to fitting skills. If you do the AIR program though you can get expert systems that help bridge some of those gaps until you can train up the core skills you are missing.

True, but, most skills that help Cpu and Pg, are in the magic 14. Yes long and sometimes pointless, “to some”, these should always be in que.
Wasting a slot for pg and cpu upgrades when a proper mod can be fit with skill training is well, illogical.

But yes a temporary band aid is to use compact mods but I would advise against using rigs as they have to be destroyed to be unfit.

As I said, most of the fitting skills are not part of the magic 14.

There are many fitting skills (8, as well as various rigging skills that can allow you to use fitting rigs or reduce CPU penalty of weapon rigs, which also saves you fitting space).

Only two of those fitting skills are also part of the Magic 14: , CPU management and Power Grid management.

It’s a good idea to train these two skills, but if you’re looking to train more fitting skills than those two, the Magic 14 is – contrary to common misconception-- useless for fitting.

Compact mods are not a ‘temporary band aid’, they’re a fitting choice you can and will often make even when you have perfect fitting skills, so it’s best to get used to this option when learning how to fit ships.

Fitting rigs are prefectly fine, I use them often.

Yes, they have to be destroyed to be unfit, but new rigs usually are cheap and really, how often do you repackage or refit your ships? Usually I create a fit for a ship and use that fit until the ship explodes.