Hello :)

Hello all
I’m totally newbie here , just wanted to say hello :slight_smile:

I’m also quite old, played Anarchy Online long time ago, then like 18 yeas WoW. im addicted to mmorpg
so i hope EVE Online give me the new home, as im sick of toxicity in blizzard games and im missing old school play .

Anyway i will be much appreciated for any links to guides , i found few , which i gonna look in free time from work , but if You have some trusted please feel free to post them for me .

Thanks in Advance

Fly safe and have good hunt

Best Regards



im also looking for my very old budy from AO , which i hear play EVE, Revelator , if you could help me find him will be great :slight_smile:

Welcome to New Eden :slight_smile:

Is this him?

Greetings and Salutations.
Welcome to EVE. I suggest you start by familiarising yourself with what are referred to as the Eight Golden Rules. Specifically rule two: you explicitly consent to PvP in all areas of space by clicking on the Undock button.
EvE is not WoW. There is no “safe” space. You can, and probably will, be attacked in high security space. CONCORD is retribution, not preventing.

Good luck, ask questions, fly dangerous!

My first suggestion, would be to change your attributes from the default to:

  • 23 intelligence
  • 21 perception
  • 21 memory
  • 17 willpower
  • 17 charisma

The vast majority of new player skills are int & mem followed by per & wil.

This mapping will do most players for their first 2 years (i’ve had some of my chars on this for a decade, as though not optimal for advanced players it is very flexible in what can be trained).

Also I recommend watching Tracking and Spiraling

Don’t be in a rush to train stuff to level 5. Level 3 is fine to get started, and level 4 is sufficient for many things like skills that affect ALL ships and not just the one you are currently piloting. Level 4 gives 80% of the benefit and takes about 13% of the time to train just level 5.

Don’t forget to have fun, and don’t be afraid to explode. In fact, expect to explode a lot, and plan for that!

my advices:

  1. find a newbie friendly corp (eve-uni, for example, or another one), you will get friends, things to do, people to teach you, etc
  2. focus on doing thinks that you find fun, rather than isks/h. Eve must stay a game, not a job.

Welcome to EVE.

All the advices above are gold.

I have to admit, I started solo, too, but then I gave it a try and now I’m very happy that I was part of a friendly international Newby corp.

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