Old citizen, new citizen - please advise :)


I’ve been playing the game a little in the past, and honestly I remember I rage-quit twice. The main problem was that I was trying to persue a more PvE bound carreer, specially as an explorer / archaeologist. I clearly remember that the last time I quit when, after about 3-4 hours of unprofitable exploration, I got one-shotted at one of the last gates to home (I was cloaking etc, but don’t remember the details).

Now, I also remember I soloed most of the time because my clan wasn’t really into the game. I’d really love to play an MMO with other people, and not only against them :slight_smile:

I want to give EVE another chance because honestly I LOVE the sci-fi space theme, but with a different mindset, i.e. accepting the PvP, but in a clan that’s able to train me and play with me.

So I was wondering, without basing my experience on PvP only (red vs blue for example) and not simply mining (at least mining in high sec!), if a big clan would like to welcome me in the exploration (!!!), or building weapons and ships for the clan, or… whatever else? In a friendly, even better audio-chat based clan.

Hlep m3 pl0x :smiley:

I remember pretty much NOTHING of the game and I think lots of things changed in any case. But I’m pretty sure I freakly moved my properties in half the universe xD

First just want to say welcome back!

Glad to hear that you’re giving Eve another chance!

I had a similar experience several years ago when I was just starting out as well. Getting shot and killed by another player, not knowing what’s going on, it can be a bit overwhelming for sure, but you can take what happened and try to learn from it. A lot of it is just getting out there and getting that experience and learning what to do in various situations so you can do what you want to do.

That said, the good thing is that there are also so many resources out there to get you started as well. You can check out the various videos in-game through the help window or even check out all the player made resources as well to help you along the way.

As for clans, or corps in Eve, there are many that you can join that fit your play-style and are also returning/new player friendly. I can’t recommend any one specific corp just because there really is so many, but you can check out the recruitment section of the forums and try to find one that you feel fits what you want and go from there.

Hope this helps you get started back up!
Best of luck out there! :slight_smile:

If you like exploration then watch a few videos for the stuff you may have forgotten and head out to the 0.6-0.5 systems. You can make a few million ISK in a relatively short amount of time on just the data/relic sites. Unless you’re near Jita you probably won’t have to worry about getting ganked.
Just be careful of the sleeper/ghost sites, a few pirate cruisers will always show and blow everything and you up, if you’re not paying attention to the overview.
There seems to be wormholes there as well for when you get more comfortable with taking risks.

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