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Hello people! I just started EVE a few days ago (not even through with the Agent careers) but I would like to know what I’m getting into when I go solo - not solo player, but solo as in without someone holding my hand. I play together with someone, but they are as new to EVE as me (not in gaming, though…) and the whole Corporation thing to me, at least, is a bit blurry. Maybe I haven’t read the intro too well, or whatever, but could someone please explain to me a bit better (dumb it waaaaaaay down) how these things work and how to get into one?
I’m assuming it’s like in other games, with the factions/guilds. But from what I read so far, it’s a bit more complicated than that.
Also, from an unbiased point of view, which career path would be best? As in, which would be best for a total newbie? :smiley:
Thank you so much :slight_smile:


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Do all of the career agent missions first. See what is appealing to you and then decide what would be best for you given your needs of ISK and fun in the game, think about what could suite your agenda for the better , it’s usually most of the time a compromise of some sort .
When it comes to corporations , it’s very important to have an idea of what is it that you’re be doing in Eve in your first months or so.
Some corporations live in very specific areas of Eve , some are highsec , lowsec , wormhole or Pochven based and you have to take this into consideration , so do some reading about what those regions mean and their mechanics .
Some are focused entirely on very specific things, like PvE, PvP, industry and mining, exploration, trading or some sort of a mixture of those.
The application process can vary substantially from one to another . Some don’t have any requirements in particular and they’ll accept you right away , some will require you an ESI key and perhaps even a text/voice interview . Some will require participation in their fleets and will require of you to train into specific ships they use, some will just require nothing of you and just let you “do your own thing” .
Usually the majority of new players join a corporation for the ISK opportunities … but I advise you to take the fun factor into consideration above that. Some just join for socializing and meeting new people and just for the fun…

So, I suggest that you first identify what you like doing and would like to do in the future and based on your agenda, then look for a corporation . Take your time , don’t rush things , there’s plenty of them out there and they aren’t going away anytime soon.


Thank you :blush: this was very informative. I’ll focus on finishing the missions and then decide.


As a mediocre solo player myself, would suggest considering path along the following lines:

  1. Do all the career missions
  2. Go shoot NPC pirates in asteroid belts and run security missions with agents
  3. At the same time, train some astrometrics (scanning/exploration) and industry skills.
  4. Do some exploration - data, relic, basic level combat sites in HS (scanning difficulty one), try combat anomalies. But those which have to be scanned are better. Can try entering wormholes, too, but be prepared to die.
  5. Start building your ships (up to t1 destroyer) from mined ores and reprocessed modules you loot from NPC enemies.
  6. Try go shoot NPC pirates in lowsec in a t1 destroyer (no earlier than you have 2 or 3 of them fully fitted for replacement).
  7. Once you can fit t2 modules (use t2 drones) and t1 rigs - try go shoot NPC pirates in belts in nullsec.

And then you will see for yourself. Absolutely no need to rush join a corp unless you definitely want to. No need to rely on anyone holding your hand, either.

P.S. Never undock in what you cannot afford to lose (that is, should have replacement ready at hand - then losing ships won’t hurt)


Join a corp. Put in the effort to try and find a good corp.

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In my opinion, and because I plan on taking my sweet time with this game, ALL career paths are good. Depends what you like most so start with your preference first.
I started doing all the lvl 1 careers and am planning to do them all as I chug along. One day I might even get to the SoE Epic Arc, if I don’t get too deeply involved in a corporation.
It also helps to understand the different aspects of the game since it’s so in-depth and it takes something like 10 years to level up to a decent level to even hope of giving a good fight to a PvPer.

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