Today will be day 2

Hello everyone. I’m very new to EVE online. Today will be day 2 for me when i get on tonight. Not gonna lie at first i was a little unsure if i liked it or not last night, but by the end of the night i was actually having fun.

I did the Explorer tutorial missions last night and started one tutorial mission chain. I can’t remember what profession it was for though. I’m not sure what profession i want to go for just yet mainly because i don’t know what i don’t know.

I was kind of leaning towards exploring, but i read a thread earlier someone said they killed RATS? Not sure what that it is but it sounded kind of fun. I generally at PVP in most games but I’m not opposed to it.

My question is should i just continue doing the tutorials and try the professions out? To give an insight to my abilities it took me over hour to figure out that the probe things had to installed in the probe holder and i still haven’t figured out scanning. I was able to figure out where i needed to go for the missions. One thing i know for sure is the learning curve is steep, and i feel pretty shallow sp far. Look forward to learning more. I apologize if this was a dum question.



welcome to eve! the Career Agent tutorials are good for a few reasons - nice ship, isk and skillbook rewards, and “faction standing”, which is hard to get, it’s reputation for the four main factions Amarr/Caldari/Gallente/Minmatar. Little known fact you can actually go to the other 11 career agent systems, 3 total for each race, and redo all of them for more rewards.

You should also check out the AIR Career Program, it is a great overview of various stuff to try out and also has pretty decent rewards.

Rats are just NPC ships. They give you a small ISK payout and a small security status payout when killed. They are commonly found in asteroid belts and at combat sites and anomalies (alt-p).


For sure do the tutorials and try stuff out. Most of them will give you free ships and equipment too! The absolute best advice that i can give you is to join a corporation. There are a lot of new player friendly corps that will give you much, much better instructions than the tutorial could. At the top of the chat window you can find chat channels. Corporate - Recruitment [Your Language Here] is usually a good place to find a corporation focused on teaching new players.

Some other advice.

Rats is short for Pirates and they are NPC’s that have a bounty on them which you can collect by killing them. You can find them very easily in the scanning interface. You wont make very much money from them in high security space but it isnt bad cash for a new player learning the ropes.

Exploration is a very very lucrative career that comes with very heavy risks. Its well worth getting into but you will absolutely want to join a corporation focused on exploration for their insider knowledge. You might find yourself living in a Wormhole soon enough!

Missions are okay money-wise, they’re fairly straightforward and have a nice progression of ship sizes and difficulty. You make the most money from them by trading in Loyalty Points that you earn from missions for very good loot that can be sold. I like missions as a relaxing way to harvest money.

Mining is a trap. If you really like not doing much, mining is definitely one of the ways to make isk of all time. I think new players get the idea that theyll just mine until they can afford to do something more fun but the simple truth is that you can just do something that is more fun.


Thank you so much for the helpful response! I did some mining in the turotial last night and i don’t think it’s gonna be my cup of tea. I will look into corporations. I have two ships now, 1 of them i got from missions.

I will press on with the tutorials tonight. I’m looking forward to getting out in the universe and seeing what’ s out there. I took the 8 Golden Rules to heart and look forqard to forging a path to somewhere unknown.

I think i will end up really liking this game ince i get the hang of it.

Thank you again


Thank you Nicen! I don’t know if it matters ir not but I started with Amarr. Is the AIR Career Program the little AI assistant that was talking to me when i first logged in?

Also i won’t get blasted if i go into another factions zone or territory or whatever they’re called? I wouldn’t mind doing that just for the rewards and more practice figuring the game out.

Thank you again!

The major four empires start off neutral with you. Beware of space thats under 0.5 security level though! You are fair game to everybody there

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Got it…stay out .5 space for now. Will the map tell me the security level?

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It should. When you set a destination you will also be able to see by the colour or just mousing over the squares. You will recidve a warning before you jump into 0.4 or lower security systems until you manually turn those warnings off


Welcome to EVE, Tael!

I’m a returning player who just decided to start with a new character (nuked most of my old ones, to be honest!). But still learning every day. And yes, what everyone else says - career missions are the absolute best I’ve found for teaching the (very) basics, getting you fitting ships with the most common gear and getting a glance at the main careers of the game.

Once you go through those, if you enjoy a little narrative, check out the Epic Arc Missions (same tab as career agents) and look for The Bloodstained Stars. It’s great for giving you an overview of the main factions and also gets you thinking a little harder for ‘enforcer’ and ‘soldier of fortune’ missions - it’s basically a step up but still very doable with a little research or help. And an excellent storyline to boot.

One last thing - EVE players in my experience are some of the nicest people around the internet. I’ve been on my current character for just about a week and already I’ve had good samaritan vets weigh in to help me and throw a little ISK in the hat to boot.

For player corps, if you decide exploration is your thing, Signal Cartel is a very reputable and longstanding corp dedicated to that. And they swear off PVP too :slight_smile:

I’m far from a veteran, but if you want a little advice in-game feel free to look me up. Happy to share what very little I know.

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Thank you very much Wolfgang! Your advice has been so helpful.

Thanknyou so much Dharmananda! So far I’ve been very impressed with the players I’ve interacted with here on the forums. A wealth of knowledge. I will definitely look up that storyline. Sounds very i teresting. I’m sure I’ll have a ton more questions. I can only guess what tonight will bring me. My last missions I did last night I had to jump to a new system. Itxs a miracle i made it back where i needed to go. I’m surprised i didn’t end up in tatooine or something.

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Welcome new friend!

Just a couple of things:

EVE is a longform game. It’s like no other. There’s a lot in the game to try out, so please don’t be afraid to try out new stuff. I’ve been playing for 10 years and I’m still learning new things regularly.

A quick word on pvp. This game is fully pvp. You explicitly consent to pvp when you hit “undock”. Learning how to avoid pvp is an art in and of itself.

Good to see you’ve dodged the Mining trap. Mining is only “fun” (for want of a better term) in a fleet while on comms.

Exploration is a great little career for a new player to follow. The rewards can be very high with a little luck. The more dangerous the space you explore, the higher the potential rewards.

I’ll echo the advice of finding a Corp that fits you. EVE Uni and Signal Cartel sound like good places for you⁰ to start. Don’t think that the first Corp you join is where you have to stay, you can jump around until you find a group who’s goals align with yours, that you can learn from and who you get along with.

Lastly: the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask because you think it might be stupid. Many’s the time a newbro has asked something and gotten a bunch of useful info from the answers. The in game Rookie Help channel can be very helpful.

Good luck, fly dangerous!


Be sure to complete as much as you can of the AIR programme, as well as the Skill Points from the milestones laid out on the progress bar at the bottom, you also get 100k for each of the 4 sections you get 750 ‘CP’ on, they just don’t make that obvious for some reason I’m not sure of, but even for older players, 600k sp is not to be sniffed at.


USIA agent here, do not complete the other career agents unless 1. You need faction standings or 2. Free ships.

Doing one set is ok just to get the gist. But career agents are one time only so do not do the others unless its necessary


Don’t join a Highsec corporation.

Don’t join a corporation which accepts everyone.

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I think for a new player one complete set is a good idea, these are first successful missions, some ISK and ships provided, and concepts are shown like mining, manufacture, scanning (well, kind of), and even losing ships in missions. If you are not already in a starter corp with patient helpers, this is valuable training.
There’s still 11 other sets of career agents a char can go through later. Don’t do too many repetitions at the beginning, but carry on doing the AIR tasks and the good old Blood Stained Stars Epic Arc.


Thats what i was saying. One full set of the 5 agents is fine, just dont hop to the others unless you need to.

I was more replying to @Nicen_Jehr as well that career agents are not able to be redone. And that you should not do all 12 sets of agents unless necessary. First set is ok.


Yep, on second read I realized you mean one full set.
I did some editing already :wink:


All good.