Today will be day 2

some do have mandatory requirements, these are generally to be avoided (although sometimes the ‘mandatory requirement’ is to have been on one killmail every 90 days or some such means of making sure you’re semi-active). most of the good ones don’t. they understand that life comes before space pixels.

being on comms, even without a mic, is a big part of any good corp culture. you don’t have to say much, but it’s good to be on.

from what you’ve said, I’d suggest looking into EVE University.

if you’re looking for an intro to pvp, check out SpectreFleet and Bombers Bar. They regularly run NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It) fleets. While Bombers Bar usually uses Bombers (t2 frigates yeeted across systems by a black ops battleship), i believe they also do some fun roams that might be suitable for a keen young newbro such as yourself.

trying to play EVE completely solo is pretty hardcore insular and you’re missing out on a lot of what makes EVE so special. have a go, jump in, enjoy the anonymity.

(ps: check your ingame wallet :wink: )


@Mephiztopheleze oh mah gosh! Thank you so much! :smile: i will fly to the gates of hell with you just to see if anyone is home if you ever need back up.

I all seriousness thank you so much. I don’t even know what else to say. I’m gonna look into some corps. When i get time today I’m gonna look into EVE uni and thwe Spectefleet and Bombers Bar sound awesome. The thought of getting yeeted across systems sounds like a bucket list item that one needs to experience.

2 Likes has a calendar for both of those NPSI orgs and more


you’re welcome mate…

stick with cheap stuff to start and that will go a long way.

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for sure, treat ships like ammo! its more fun to lose 10x 2.5M isk frigates than 1x 25M cruiser


@Mephiztopheleze will do. I don’t know how yet but i will definitely make that grow ans when i can I’m gonna oay forward to another new player in the future.

@Nicen_Jehr oh cool! Thank you for link. I’ll book mark and keep an eye out and when better prepared join one. I’ve tried to treat my ships like gold, i got into a fight last night during the mission tutorial that was more than I could handle I warped out of there before it really went sideways


0.5 Security is still highsec, and a new player shouldn’t have too many problems there. Even Hek is in 0.5, and this is a major tradehub. I’ve never had problems there. They may gank expensive ships like blinky marauders or weak but juicy Exhumers, but a Venture is no problem there.

I also think after some days you should try Lowsec. You may even lose a nicely fitted ship - but that’s totally ok. But then you see and feel the difference, and in Lowsec there’s better ore and sites.


@Pierre_de_Bricassart Thank you! I was just sitting here watching a video about EVE. I will definitely venture into low sec space, i fully expect to lose ships along the way. I think the thing i want most out of this game is the experience. I want to be able to handle situations that arise in space and hopefully survive



@Nicen_Jehr that was an awesome read. Thank you for that.


One question about corps? Do they have requirements like certain times you have to be on, and need to habe discord and stuff like that? I’m not a very social pperson but from what I’ve and heard corps are a good thing. I just don’t see being able to go at it alone and being successful

To be honest, the voice comms is a major turnoff for me, too, when it comes to corps. But there are some out there that don’t require it - Kingdom of… something… is advertising now in the recruitment forum and their main USP is a corp for those who are either unable or unwilling to use voice comms. So maybe check them out.

I’ve been in corps during previous attempts at playing EVE and, to be honest, have found I enjoy it more when playing on my own. You can still interact with others in other ways - fleeting up for mining or ops or role playing via in-game channels - and I have done all that. And then there’s faction warfare which is basically PVP without the need to join a corp. And you can jump in and out of that.

But sounds like you’re doing great, man! When I first started playing EVE, I spent weeks in my starter system mining in a retriever I had saved up for and thinking I was awesome :slight_smile: The new AIR career missions do a great job, I think, of opening the game up more quickly to newbies. And sounds like you’ve grabbed it all with both hands and are getting on great.

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I am still very much a newbie in the game - I am mainly in Hi sec space, usually doing PvE missions and escalations for isk.

I also do abyssal filaments - they are easy enough to get into the habit of even for a new player if you start with the lowest grade ones and there are some good tutorials out there. As it’s instanced players can’t get you when you’re in them and, unless you are running a bling frigate or cruiser to do them, people will leave you alone when you exit them too (99% of the time).

I do venture into low sec and wormholes doing exploration, but use a cheap fit that I don’t care about losing - it’s not as efficient but I’m happy that way.

Career agents, AIR missions and the Sisters of Eve arc are also great starters now.

Regarding Corporations - I have set up my own (just me and alts for now) but I’m at heart a solo(ish) player and the comms requirements for a lot of corps were off-putting. Even if they say you don’t need to speak, sooner or later it’s ‘please be on, please talk to us’…

You can play EVE solo, it just takes longer and you don’t have the backup!


@Dharmananda thank you for the comment! I have jumped in with both feet. I was out of town this weekend and unable to play. So i started reading about some of the battles that have taken place. It’s absolutely amazing to me the scale that some battles go to, but i would love to be involed in one atleast once during my eve career. I found Rookie chat last night and started using that and again found very help advice.

One person made the comment that while they are there to help that some of them would kill me given the chance. Which I’m cool with because he/she caveated it with we’ll also tell you what you did wrong. I’m thinking about going omega soon. So far i feel this is a game worth paying for. With the AIR program like you i feel i got involved really quick to get the most basic understanding. For now I’m just playing solo and plan staying that way. I haven’t got bombarded with invites from corps.

I suffered my first death last night while doing SoE blood-stained stars arc. Unfortunately all my ships I had were 39 jumps away in the system I began at. I tried buying a replacement ship but it never showed up in my inventory. So i had to jump 39 times in my capsule ( i felt like such a dork flying around space in a kernal of corn) to get a ship, and will jump and and continue the story arc tonight. First thing I’m going to do though is get me a replacement ship and move my clone there.

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@Terrus_Askiras thank you for the input! I’ve seen the abyssal filaments tab and plan on trying one soon. I wanted to watch some videos first to see what they were all about.

How hard is it to setup a corp? My brother and my son both play and mentioned this weekend about possibly starting one in the future.

I really want to do exploration at wormholes. It sounds fun to me. I know I’ll get derp’d but itxs part of the game. I want to more videos on it and get more competent at scanning.

For now I’m just gonna stay solo and learn the game. There is so many resources on the net with the information i need and when i have the time i don’t reading or watching videos on it as it gives me something to do.

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You should learn about pod express: Self destruct and awake at your home station. Easiest when docked up in a pod.
Alternatively you can get cheap shuttles virtually anywhere in highsec.

But be careful when purchasing ships or modules: Make sure to know where the offer is located. That’s why tradehubs are popular. So bookmark Jita, Amarr, Hek, Dodixie, Rens. I’ve put some stuff in all these tradehubs and this way I can find out just by looking into my inventory list how many jumps the distance to each trad hub is (which is handy when you pop out of a wormhole).


Thank you for that advice. I will definitely do that

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@Tael_D_ar setting up a corp is easy, costs some isk, but it’s not prohibitive. Main advantage overplaying solo is you get to decide the tax rate rather than it being set by the NPC corp (can’t remember what that is off the top of my head, it’s been a while). Also you get a chance to look like you are bigger than you are :wink: You also get a ton of hangar space in any station that you rent an office in.

A corp of your own, if you then want to expand - you set the rules! No need for discord or whatever your heart desires. I’m debating throwing mine open, not that I’d get many applicants, but still!

Abby filaments are really easy to start with - you can do a T0 in a cruiser and it’s total overkill even with basic modules (the T0 were put in the game specifically for people to try the format out. You ‘can’ die, but unless you absolutely fluff things up it’s probably the safest PvE you’re likely to get). Jump in and have a bash or get your brother and son to jump in a frigate (you too) and jump in one together…

Message in game if you want to chat further.

Fly safe o7


@Tael_D_ar the Blood Stained Stars arc can be tricky so don’t worry about that. The Big Bad at the end is a bugger to take out. I struggled with him only last week and had to ask in local for some help - which is definitely an option for high sec missions, less so in low sec! :wink:

If you run into bother and want a wingman, I’m happy to help out! I operate out of Republic space so not too far from Arnold where you’re doing the SOE arc so more than happy to jump in if I’m around, just holler :slight_smile:

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If still suggest looking at EVE Uni. They can teach you a lot in a very short time.
Omega is definitely worth it. Faster skills training and access to all ships (and cloaking devices) is a big step up.
Speaking of skills, time spent training Engineering and Navigation skills (the subcap skills, not the capital ones) is never time wasted. They will help every ship you get into.


It was probably either:
located in a different station (check with alt-t)
located in correct station but you only checked Item hangar and missed checking Ship hangar