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so I started yesterday , just pootling about trying to take it all in. did the tutorial (have seen much better ones) and started the career path. thought exploring would be fun. had to ask how to change ships, that wasn’t clear. chat to the rescue. then did first 2 missions ok. 3rd one, went out looking for anomoly boxes , kept getting same proof. chat helped again. doing it wrong. looked at wiki to find the way, did the scan, got the correct proof, finish mission. however, did not see the bit about recovering drones! not sure how you do that. but now i have none for the next bit, part 4. where do I get new ones? i saw there is a market, but they were very expensive and seemed to be a long way from me. what do i do now?

Eve is a real long shot game xD and yes tutorials are not that Great. I used to run a corp aimed at helping newbros, as i like to guide ppl. If y ever need guidance feel free to mail me or hit me up in discord. kritikosk8#5153

I’m not ingame at the moment. All I can do is can suggest asking in the help channel ingame, or starting corp channel. If someone is close enough maybe they can help with some new drones.

To recall your drones the default shortcut is Shift+R.

(You might have to click somewhere in space to move the focus away from chat windows, otherwise it will just type “R”, hehe)

You can also right-click on the drone group in the window and tell them to return to drone bay.

Unfortunately drones tend to get left beind easily. Happens to most of us and will probably happen again sometime in the future.

Later as you train skills and learn more about the game you will even be able to find and recover your drones with combat probes.

I wish you the best of luck in your Eve journey, and hope you have lots of fun. :slight_smile:

Firstly, and most importantly, welcome to New Eden!

Most of us have lost drones at some point either accidentally (“oops, forgot to recall my drones!”) or deliberately (“bye drones, I need to run away from this attacker!”). The former is fixed by habit, the latter by acceptance.

On the upside, I don’t recall you actually need the drone for the Exploration Career Agent. I also, it’s a long time, think he gives you an exploration ship at the end of the course as well. Nothing radically exciting, but its a nice freebie for a new player.

Costs: Eve is completely player driven - even the locations of the major market hubs is an organic product of how players first interacted in the game: they started, as most real world market towns do, because they were reasonably central to a bunch of players that were buying and selling stuff to each other. The costs, likewise, are demand and supply driven - some things are rare or difficult to make and demand a premium, similarly, distance has a cost - I’ll pay more to save having to go a few dozen jumps to get a cheaper price.
Why is this relevant? well, around the starter systems people have realised that there’s a bunch of new players who don’t realise how the market works and will just buy whatever they see for sale at whatever price. And they view that as a way of making a huge profit.

If you want an idea of what things are currently selling for (and where) on the market have a look at: Acolyte I - EVEMarketer - I deliberately linked to a typical T1 drone (the ones you’ll be flying with at the moment). If you’re paying more than about 4,000 ISK someone is ripping you off!
Jargon: T1 items are the basic, lower skill and cheaper, modules and items. T2 are more capable and require more skill training to use them (but are generally work the time and effort).

Anyway, at the moment - and for all early players - you will feel poor, indeed I remember thinking that a new set of drones (or various T1 modules) were horribly expensive and that a cruiser was a reasonably lofty ambition. You’ll fine ways of earning a living in Eve (as people do in the real world!) - there are many things you can do: exploration is a good place to start, and will give you a good set of skills and experience that will stand you in good stead with may places you could go. And it can be rewarding (don’t be afraid of wormholes and hopefully this is useful: Public:Exploration Site Safety Guide - The Explorer's Compendium)


Why do you need drones for the explorer missions? Most new chars don’t have any drone skills at this point.

Probably you mean probes - yes, they should be recalled, and you cannot pick any from space. But I’m not sure how, sometimes they just reappear in your cargo hold when you leave the system. 8 standard probes are about 10k ISK each - that’s money for a completely new player! But if you don’t find any in you cargo hold, you definitely need some, and the normal way is market - or you ask in local if someone can help you, because more experienced explorers use to have dozens of probes in stock.
To earn some ISK meanwhile, I suggest you should try one of the other career agents, the reward is more than enough for some probes in Jita, Dodixie, or Amarr.

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do the mining agent and use the venture to make lot’s of isk!!!
That ship can be used for just about everything and is dirt cheap to replace if you lose it.

Fly dangerously!!!

For those that are wondering the gallente advanced military agent (now called something else) has a mission called weapon of choice, where he asks you to kill an enemy with a pair of civilian hobgoblins that he gives you. So, if OP accepted more than one mission at a time, and then left drones in another mission, he would now find himself needing drones to finish “Weapon of Choice”.

Now, I have not checked to see if the mission actually checks what weapon system you use. So, you might be able to use anything. However, you might want to try playing it safe, and using some hobgoblin 1’s. I’m not sure if civilian hobgoblins can be bought and sold on the market.

Anyway, I’m not entirely sure where the closest market hubs are for all the gallente career agents, but Clellinon (one of the career agent stations) has a rather decent market, and Dodixie and Oursalaert are both market hubs that shouldn’t be too far away from you. You can check to see which one is closest by typing in the system name in the search box in the top left corner of your screen.

Also, here’s a link to all the NPC trade hubs. However, imho, some player owned structures have overtaken a few of these in terms of item selection. But, the easiest way to tell is to open the market in the region, and see for yourself.

Also, also, welcome to Eve!


There is a button to recall probes in the scanning window ( same window you use to scan with the probes ) on the top left. It looks like an arrow surrounded by a circle.

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When you leave the system or dock, the probes are automatically recalled to your cargohold, so if you forget to recall them you still don’t lose them.


Thanks for the tip. I always think of recalling my probes though because I found 16 probes once and scooped them up thinking “sucks for whoever forgot these here” :laughing:


I don’t know under which circumstances probes automatically return - how to recall them is perfectly clear :wink:
When I kill another Heron in my Wormhole, its probes stay in space (D-Scan!) for about one hour.

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New Career in EVE: Probes Hunt :wink:

This is correct. But only if there is enough cargo-space for them to fit.
If there isn’t enough, the Probes will stay out in space. But one can go back and reconnect to them with a little :arrows_counterclockwise:-button in the probe scanner window, then make room in the cargo hold and pull them back.

I’m gonna open a shelter for lost probes and drones.

Remember, right click on everything to find stuff you think is hidden…(ship swapping, for example)

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