Returning player. Needs help returning

I haven’t played since 2011 or 12 maybe? I kindof forget how to play.
ok ok that’s a lie. there’s no kindof. I don’t even know how to steer my ship. it’s just floating forward right now.
I have a fairly developed character. I got a bunch of notifications that a bounty was claimed on a dude. That reminded me why i rage-quit before. that guy was a jerk.

Is there a way to re-go through orientation missions or something?

You can open up The Agency icon on your sidebar. There should be an option for a tutorial and possibly even career agents. That should hopefully get you started. You can also join some help channels in game.

nice thank you. i did some reading as well. I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky lately. I think i was expecting to be able to fly around in my ship like i can in that game. I was a little afraid of leaving the station i was docked at because I have expensive ships and i don’t remember how not to lose them.

I’ll check out tutorials. thanks.

Since you last played, clone states have been introduced.

Make a free Alpha clone (it’s basically an unlimited [time-wise, certainly not skill-wise] trial) and use it to go through the tutorial, the career agents, the sisters of eve epic arc. Once you are re-familiar with the game, simply go back to using your old character.


maybe join a newbie friendly corp (eve-uni?) which will teach you the basics and more

Greetings mate i used to run a corp aimed to help newguys into game, feel free to mail me and we can chat more

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