Tutorials for returning old timer

Hi folks

Is it possible for a returning player from 2004 to do the tutorials again ? I downloaded the eve client last night and was given 7 days free omega time but the devs but I was staring at the menus thinking I haven’t got a clue where to start lol. I prefer to stay solo until I half know what I’m doing. Just looking some tutorials to get me back into the game. Thanks

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My suggestion would be to spin up a quick new character if you have a free slot on your account if you really want to start from square 1, then move back to your other toon once you’ve done it.

The other thing that you can do is open up the new Agency window from the Neocom and towards the top of that will be a special mission called The Seekers Investigation. That’s essentially the new tutorial. Run through that and it will get you the basic mechanics again. After that, it will steer you toward the Career Agents which serve as a bit of an extended tutorial on specific careers and activities.

Blaze through that and you should have your feet back under you.

And welcome back!



Yes, by creating a new character you’ll be able to replay the tutorial. Did a tutorial even exist back in '04? When I started playing in '09 you couldn’t really call the tutorial a “Tutorial”, all it was then was kill two (2) “rats” and you’ve graduated from “flight school”.


Thankyou Leah. That’s gonna be way forward me thinks. :+1:


No bud. No tutorials back then as far as I remeber. I read that there are tutorials now however. I’ll have a look at that mission tutorial Leah mentioned and if i need to I’ll create a new toon. Cheers. :+1:


Capsuleer, I welcome you back amongst the immortals. May your endeavors bring you good fortunes. :grinning:


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