Is it possible to restart the opportunities tutorials?

I’ve been AFK for a long time and want to get back to EVEing, but I’d like to go through the tutorial process to get back on my feet. Is there a way to reset opportunities? Sorry if this has already been asked, but I searched and didn’t see anything.


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I am not so sure about it, but last I checked when I returned on an old account after a long time Aura gave me a quick check on controls and stuff for a quick and efficient comeback (quick but depends how well you absorb the information really…), if you mean by career agents as well you can find them by pressing F12 and click on Career agents!


You can start a new toon (an alpha if you already have all 3 slots filled) and run the tutorials anew from that.

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Good Morning.

The opportunities tutorial has been removed from the game. Some characters may still have access but if you do not then you will have to use the new tutorial. Simply make a new character (Alpha or Omega) and you will be at the starting point of the new tutorial.

A couple of warnings:

  • Don’t rush ahead, follow the AIs instructions
  • If you end the new tutorial at any point your character will be locked out.

Good luck

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