Old Player New Opportunities?

Hi all. I have been away from EVE for a loooong time.

And I more or less forgot how it all worked.

Last time I played I started on the “New” Opportunities system. and I made some of them.
I like to do them again to get into EVE. But one of they says I need to kill the remaining ships. But it doesn’t say was I need to do it??

How do I find the place where I started to kill NPC in the Opportunities system last I played? Or is there a way to reset the Opportunities?? Or is it a bug or something?

Hope someone can help with it :slight_smile:

File a ticket and have them reset it for ya (assuming it’s even still a thing).

Ok will try that.

I guss it still a thing as its still ingame :wink:

The opportunities system has been removed from the game, some old accounts may still have access, but new characters/accounts will not.

My suggestion would be to make a quick alpha account and run through the new tutorial, though if you do that don’t do things before Aura tells you too as she gets a bit upset.

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Hmm ok. it’s weird I still have them then?

And is there a way to start the tutorial on my old character?

Only chars created since the advent of the new tutorial get access to it unfortunately.

No it is ok. My old characters have access to that opportunities system, too. If you create a new character it will get the new tutorial and not the opportinities system to get to know the game.

No, for playing the new tutorial you need a new character.

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