Returning to the game after a long time

Hi All,

I have been away from the game for a while, Eve is something I dabbled with on and off but never really got into it. Tried a tiny bit of pve and the usual mission running. So much seems to have changed from my time in the game, I literally don’t know where to start!

My main character has just over 43 million skill points and I have a number of old ships lying around, Legion, 2x Force Recon boats (curse/pilgrim), Gila, Merlin, Magnate, Confessor and an assortment of frigs.

Can I have some recommendations on where to start? What to do? I’ve run a few T1 Abyss Filaments in my Gila (alreadly lost one of my main ships becuase I forgot about the timer!). I’ve read the loot got nerfed and there are fleets that scan down the filaments to gank you if you run higher filaments. I liked doing PvP and thats something I would like to get into.

Any advice/help would be appreciated!


You are always most welcome to contract me your stuff. Thank you.
I never ever understood people, who ask other people, what to do in THEIR own game… Game, that supposed to bring fun, not some stressfull race to do right things in right order. Facepalm.

hey @Mercury_Blue

its your EVE you can do whatever you want
you can join a player corp and look what this can bring you
usually it changes a lot for the person behind the char(s)
it is usually great fun to play eve as a team

look into the recruitment channel ingame or the recruitment section in the forum
ask here if you have any question


I never understand people who respond with unhelpful, pointless statements just to be a troll. If you don’t like my post, don’t read it and certainly don’t waste your time responding to the thread.

I welcome anyone with HELPFUL advice.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll start looking for a nice EU laid back corp and see where that takes me.

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